Beckett’s Table, Phoenix AZ


Beckett’s Table

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Parmesan and Onion Rolls, Rye Rolls, Sweet Butter

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Locally Milled Super Creamy Grits & Schreiner’s Sausage –Mustard Jus

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Becketts Original Grilled Cheese – Pancetta, four Cheeses, roasted Red Pepper Tomato Soup

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Beckett’s Table Signature Fork Tender Short Ribs – creamy mashed Potatoes, sauteed Veggies, Red Onion Demi-glace

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Pork Osso Buco Confit – roasted Garlic & Black Pepper Spaetzle, Butternut Squash, Golden Raisin Pepita Gremolata


Kid’s Cheeseburger and French Fries

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Bacon Cheddar Biscuits – Apple Butter

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Wood oven roasted Bacon Biscuit Stuffing

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Chocolate Dipped Bacon S’mores – house-made Marshmallow, Caramel whipped Peanut Butter, Graham Cracker

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Award Winning Fig & Pecan Pie – Beckett’s original Citrus Zest Cream Cheese Ice Cream


Exiting Glendale early, The Buckeyes warranting neither applause nor a battle with traffic when laying an egg at the Fiesta Bowl, it was at Beckett’s Table that consolation was found as the East Coast celebrated 2017, an a la carte three-course meal served with no price hikes by smiling servers from a Chef whose comfortable American cuisine continues to do Phoenix proud.

Conceptualized as an honest kitchen built on the idea of family and friends, its 2010 opening seemingly far longer than just a little over six years ago, Beckett’s table was formed as the result of two couples with a passion for food, beverage and the city they inhabit, most of the ingredients brought in from no more than thirty miles away while Northern Arizona’s growing number of Wineries become more and more prevalent on a sizeable drink list.

All blonde wood and bricks with a open kitchen in the rear, a style familiar to many modern-American kitchens, it was moments prior to a nine o’clock reservation that the party checked in with a doorside hostess, a quick path past several well-dressed locals seating three at a square table with a good view of the pass, Chef Justin and his team working diligently with more attention to detail that rumors have suggested, a nightly special of skewered Pig Trotters unfortunately just sold-out, though the menu still presented plenty of choices.


Dining with one wide awake youngster and his mother, a bargain glass of Sparkling Wine starting the night’s celebration, it from a friendly middle-aged woman that a basket of warm Bread was delivered, the cheesy Onion Rolls quite nice while dark Rye Rolls were event better, particularly as a means for sopping the leftover Sauce from a bowl of creamy Grits, grilled Sausage and light notes of Mustard.

Unable to ignore one of several self-designated signatures amongst the starters, “Beckett’s Original Grilled Cheese” served crunchy with a smooth center alongside piquant Tomato Soup made for dipping, entrees arrived shortly thereafter with “Beckett’s Table Signature Fork Tender Short Ribs” and a sizable hunk of confit Pork Osso Bucco, the competition for which was richer essentially a toss-up, though tilted in favor of the Beef as the buttery Potato puree seemed more decadent than the springy Garlic and Black Pepper Egg Noodles.


More than a little surprised by a generously portioned Cheeseburger and French Fries from the Kid’s menu, a decision to double down on Bacon Cheddar Biscuits and oven-roasted Stuffing made from day-olds proving well worth it as each set a high-standard for American Holiday staples, dessert saw deconstructed Peanut Butter, Bacon S’mores that would have benefitted from housemade Graham Crackers presented next to nothing short of a brilliant idea, the “Award Winning” Pecan Pie with a Fig Jam base made all the more enchanting be a lightly charred Crust and a tangy ball of Ice Cream.

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