Belmont Diner, Calgary AB


Belmont Diner

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Monte Cristo – Grilled Chicken Breast and Montreal Smoked Meat with Cheddar on Egg-Dipped Bread w/ Breakfast Potatoes

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Pancake Art – Blueberry R2D2 with Pure Maple Syrup

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Located on 33 Avenue SW, as ‘neighnborhoody’ a spot as any in Alberta, Belmont Diner has been charming locals since the year 2000, though much of the décor and charm date back almost ninety years prior.


Temporary closed by a fire in 2013, but since reopened and greeting regulars as well as new faces from 7a-3p on weekdays, and until four o’clock on the weekend, those hoping to experience the family-run space without a wait are encouraged to arrive early, 7:25 on a cold Sunday finding just a dozen patrons present, four local Police Officers enjoying big plates of Eggs, Toast and Meat just a few feet from my counter seating.


Staffed by just two so early, a young female server in a tuque assisting the grill man in an open kitchen, it was with conversation about the restaurant and local area that time was passed after selecting two plates, the menu a laminated two-side job with a focus on diner staples and the occasional clever idea here or there.

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Doing diligence in reviewing the menu prior to arrival, the clever “pancake art” undeniably a draw, it was with deference to the kitchen that an oblong shaped disc of golden Buttermilk Batter studded with Blueberries was presented, the idea immediately identifiable as R2-D2 and just as quickly devoured with a light smear of chilled Butter plus pure Maple Syrup added to taste.


Given the option of Ham or Smoked Meat for the griddled Monte Cristo, unfortunately no deep-frying to be found, it was just as the Pancake was nearing completion that the Sandwich stacked with Cheddar and a Chicken Breast was served, the flavors good on their own and even better with seeded Raspberry Jam from Kraft, though the cubed Potatoes were unfortunately undercooked and thus left on the plate with stomach capacity saved for the day’s additional dining stops.

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