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Donut Mania

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Apple Fritter

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Glazed Classic Cake

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Glazed Chocolate Cake

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Buttermilk Bar

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DSC02801 DSC02802 DSC02803

Raised & Glazed

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Maple Longjohn

DSC02833 DSC02834 DSC02835

Strawberry Sprinkles

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Boston Cream

DSC02848 DSC02849 DSC02850

Wafer Banana Cream

DSC02825 DSC02827 DSC02828

Raspberry Filled

DSC02819 DSC02820 DSC02821

Lemon Cream

DSC02838 DSC02839 DSC02840

Key Lime

DSC02829 DSC02830 DSC02831

Strawberries & Cream

DSC02816 DSC02817 DSC02818

White Cream

DSC02837 DSC02795 DSC02836

Chocolate Cream

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Cookies N’ Cream

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The Nevadan – Coconut, Caramel, Cream


Visited early on, an adverse experience with ownership delaying a second, better, trip to the Henderson store, it was largely because of location that Saturday featured a return to Donut Mania on South Durango, the selection far less creative than what was expected with some inconsistency in the dough but generally good execution.


Now serving residents in the Southwest for two years, a short stint supplying Pawn Donuts ended by the predictable closing of such a misguided idea, it was just prior to Seven o’clock that the smell of flour and yeast greeted the nostrils as some twenty choices sat looking out from behind glass, the Fritter available in only one flavor while the rest ranged from classic to novel flavors.


Staffed by just one young lady, her pleasant demeanor enlivening a small space that still feels a little worn, it was as result of a coupon offering ten bucks off a twenty dollar purchase that nineteen selections were made, a double order of the Strawberries & Cream fortuitous as the wispy raised base was one of the best as Whipped Cream contrasted with smooth Vanilla Pudding innards.


Unfortunately finding the un-filled Yeasted collection erratic, some such as Homer Simpson’s favorite light and fluffy while the Longjohn and Cereal were undercooked and oily, respectively, Donut Mania’s Cake choices were highlighted by the Classic version as a Buttermilk Bar lacked the expected sour notes while the Chocolate one had lingering finish that tasted too much like unsweetened Cocoa Powder.


Finding improvement in the filled options, though the Chocolate Cream suffered similarly to the Cocoa Ring, better bites were found particularly amidst the Fruit choices, the Wafer Banana Cream a spot-on representation of the Southern Pudding in a portable pocket while both Key Lime and Lemon were tangy without overdoing it thanks to both the filling itself and the well-thought condiments on top of them.


Finding the Apple Fritter far too greasy, though admittedly more dense with Fruit than most local competition, Donut Mania’s “Nevadan” once again proved worth both the calories and getting out of bed early for as the sticky Caramel topping pairs well to the toasted Coconut and Custard within.

THREE STARS: Slipping a bit compared to my Henderson experience, the consistency a serious issue considering the fact that there were no previously-unseen choices available, Donut Mania remains a good choice for those nearby looking for novelties, though Pink Box has upped their game considerably while also continuing to innovate as Ace continues to set the bar high for classics.

RECOMMENDED: The Nevadan, Strawberries & Cream, Key Lime, Wafer Banana Cream, Glazed Classic Cake.

AVOID: Mostly anything Chocolate and Unfilled Yeasted/Raised Rings.

TIP: $10 off $20 purchase available via while Social Media Check-Ins also offer deals.

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