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Unsweetened Ice Tea


Louis-n-Ana Wings, Garlic-Parmesan Wings, Red Rooster Wings, Cajun Wings


Louis-n-Ana Wings


Garlic-Parmesan Wings


Red Rooster Wings – Ginger-Soy with Hot Cheetos


Cajun Wings


What-a-Jerk Fingers


Peanut Butter Jelly Time Wings, Carolina BBQ Fingers, Ranch, Sriracha Honey, Blue Cheese


Peanut Butter Jelly Time Wings


Carolina BBQ Fingers


Tropical Habanero Fingers, Orange-u-Happy Fingers, Sweet Potato Fries, Crinkle-cut Fries


Tropical Habanero Fingers


Orange-u-Happy Fingers


Sweet Potato Fries


Crinkle-cut Fries

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Texas Toast


Located in North Las Vegas and imagined by Lance Graulich, a man whose ideas have helped shape everything from the city’s most well-known Donuts to Cookies and Poutine located a few doors down, Wing Time seeks to change the way patrons look at one of America’s favorite indulgences, a mission to elevate the ubiquitous Chicken Wing with a focus on quality, creativity and the overall customer experience.


Tucked into the same Wal-mart Plaza as Salted & Malted, the Canadian Bakery and Creamery one of Mr. Graulich’s former projects, Wing Time launched in early November 2016 and having since built a considerable reputation by way of word of mouth and Dinner-only service early-on a quick look at Online reviews speaks volumes, as too do pictures of some of the most bizarre-sounding Chicken toppings around.

Brightly decorated in wood, orange and white, smiling cheerleader-sorts greeting guests almost the second they step through the door, it was with Lance present along with his business partner, Michael, that a party of three sat down amidst a warm environment decorated in Televisions beneath light music, ownership telling of several secrets including Buttermilk brining, immediate-tossing and a gluten-free batter partially made of Potato Chips.


Hearing stories of the restauranteur’s history and mutual acquaintances as a sizable menu was perused, the pre-Superbowl surge and several big orders seeing some flavors temporarily sold-out, it was on Lance’s suggestion that a sizable mix-n-match order was arranged with a focus on diversity, the prices more comparable to those at Wing Zone than bargain-basement Buffalo Wild Wings or the exorbitant Blue Ribbon while thoroughly outperforming them both.

Truly a scratch-kitchen, everything from Brines to Batter, Sides and Sauces made fresh, on-site, it was with Water, Unsweetened Ice Tea and Pepsi products plus Nugget Ice that three trays were soon delivered with smiles and full-descriptions, the Jumbo-sized quartet of Louis-n-Ana, Garlic-Parmesan, Red Rooster and Cajun Wings all plump and juicy with seasoning penetrating deep, the Garlic-Parmesan a personal favorite while the Red Rooster wowed friends, ownership later informing them of a secret-menu featuring crushed Hot Cheetos used in place of the Batter’s aforementioned crispy Spuds.


Next taking a look at some Fingers, the all-White Meat tenders similarly brined and battered as the Wings, both the spicy “What-a-Jerk” and the Mustard-based Carolina BBQ were delicious on their own and all-the-better with Housemade Ranch or Blue Cheese Dipping Sauce, the Sriracha-Honey best-utilized as a topping for the Cinnamon-sprinkled Sweet Potato Fries or the Yukon Golds which are served crinkle-cut.

Offering traditional Texas Toast as an unexpected side, each ninety-nine-cent slice golden with Butter and Garlic, sweeter flavors were saved for last since the Wing Time menu offers no dessert options, the Orange-u-Happy Fingers one-upping Panda Express by way of actual Orange Zest in the Glaze while Tropical Heat brings the sweet heat of Pineapples, Mangos and Peppers, the “Peanut Butter Jelly Time” not nearly as odd as one might guess, particularly from a man who helped come up with a Donut based on Bacon-wrapped Dates with Blue Cheese and Balsamic.


FOUR AND A HALF STARS: About as good as a limited-focus restaurant can be, the lack of any desserts and an underestimation of demand leading to a shortage of certain items mere quibbles compared to other spots of its ilk, Wing Time is poised to change the way gameday is celebrated throughout North Las Vegas while also tempting those as far south as Summerlin to make the trip for some of most interesting fried Chicken around.

RECOMMENDED: Garlic-Parmesan Wings, Red Rooster Wings, Peanut Butter Jelly Time Wings, Tropical Habanero Fingers, Carolina BBQ Fingers, Blue Cheese Sauce, Sweet Potato Fries, Sriracha Honey.

AVOID: Ranch is Ranch and those Industrial-style Stools at the high-tops are uncomfortable no matter what setting.


TIP: A secret menu of Sandwiches and Specials can be found on Social Media, the Spicy Cheetos Batter available by pre-order only and a Beer selection coming soon.

WHAT THE STARS MEAN: 5 World Class, 4 Excellent, 3 Good, 2 Fair, 1 Poor.

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