Yann Haute Patisserie, Calgary AB


Yann Haute Patisserie

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Almond Croissant

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Kouign Amann

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Pistachio Cherry Gateau Basque

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Apricot Beignet

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Coffee-Speculoos, Salty Caramel, Pistachio, PB&J Macarons

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Maple Pecan Tart


Owned by Baker Yann Blanchard and his wife Jeraldine, Calgary’s Yann Haute Patisserie is located in an early 20th Century home on 23 Avenue SW that seems almost too rustic to be found anywhere outside a small town in Europe, the small storefront still located below tenants converting the main floor of the space into a gleaming boutique with nearly fifty different items generated daily from a pastry kitchen in the basement.


Preaching a concept of scratch-baking, quality and ethics, these ideas covering everything from the avoidance of GMOs to employee relations, those wise enough to seek out the Blanchards’ humble business will quickly find themselves walking up a set of stairs to be greeted by warm smiles and gleaming jewels of Sugar and Flour, the standing room only space tempting at every turn with must-have items.


Now serving Western Canada for just over seven years, though Yann’s training dates back to childhood in the shop his parents built, early arrival at Yann Haute Patisserie is strongly encouraged for those interested in seeing the greatest availability, the Almond Croissant and Kouign Amann both still warm just past 9:00am with the former slightly flat but beautifully textured and filled with nothing but ground Nuts while the latter is delivered as a tight square that shatters and flakes as teeth crack through buttery layers of caramelized pastry.


Placing everything out on shelves in organized quantities, the rest stored safely in the kitchen to refill cases throughout the day, an Apricot Beignet continued to speak of quality sourcing and craftsmanship, the wispy Brioche pocket first stuffed with housemade Compote before being glazed while the crumbly Gateau Basque eats like a Financier with stewed Sour Cherries filling the center and just enough sweetness to brighten the otherwise mellow, nutty flavors.


Selling Macarons individually, or in a variety of boxes including an elegant wooden roll, more than two-dozen flavors are created daily to woo fans of the French Cookie, the bitter-sweet Coffee-Speculoos standing out with the flavor of a dunked Doughnut while PB&J currently uses Huckleberries and varies by season, the Maple Pecan Tart similarly available on a limited-time basis, though it should undoubtedly be added to the permanent collection as it elevates the idea of a typically Southern dish by way of Maple Cream and a buttery lid shaped like a Maple Leaf.



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