Portuguese Canadian Bakery, Edmonton AB


Portuguese Canadian Bakery

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Baccala Fritter, Chicken and Vegetable Ball, Shrimp Fritter

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Portuguese Egg Custard

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Coconut Sweet Bun

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Tradicional Nanaimo Bar

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Peanut Butter Nanaimo Bar

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Apple Fritter

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Bolo de Balacha

DSC02316 DSC02317 DSC02318

Caramel Custard

DSC02319 DSC02320 DSC02321

Orange Pastry

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Sticky Toffee Pudding Cake


Serving an ethnic community on the outskirts of Edmonton since 1996, Portuguese Canadian Bakery on 118 Avenue NW does double duty as a grocery store for popular ingredients both imported and domestic while turning out a wide variety of Breads and Pastries shoppers will rarely find anywhere else.


A spacious store with a small seating area, the bulk of its retail space lined with shelves and refrigerators containing everything from Cereal to Salt Cod as the area not visible turns out nearly sixty baked Pastries and Breads daily, those willing to lose themselves in curiosity will be tempted to over-order by a large amount, the servers happy to explain traditional choices though English is limited.


Offering a few hot dishes and sandwiches, perhaps not everyone’s style at 8am but irresistible to others, Breakfast began with three Fritters packed with Meat including one with buttered Shrimp and another stuffed with shredded Baccala, the Chicken unfortunately fried for a bit too long and thus coming across a bit oily.


Assuming early arrival would be beneficial, and proven correct by a jiggly Egg Custard in Puff Pastry that was still warm to touch, the savory notes extended to the Coconut Sweet Bun that had a light salinity beneath the Glaze, a Fritter chock-full of Apples soft but not greasy, almost like a fried Danish, clearly crafted for those seeking more Canadian sorts of indulgence.


Showing dual-citizenship by way of a Custard, Cream and Chocolate Nanaimo Bar, plus several additional flavors that replaced Vanilla with everything from Peanut Butter Cream to Mint, the Sticky Toffee Pudding Cake unfortunately tasted a bit bitter with a spongy dryness throughout, the layered Bolo de Bolacha far more successful with crunchy Maria Cookies divided by creamy Coffee Cream and Cinnamon flavors.


Rounding out the morning with two dense discs that resemble Egg Custard without the Crust, one labeled as Caramel and the other Orange, those who are fans of Flan should seek these out as they are a little starchier but still just as luxurious, the orange especially memorable thanks to the natural poignancy of its flavor.


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