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Double Espresso on Ice

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Hot Chocolate with Dark Chocolate Truffle


Tuxedo Strawberry

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Almond Croissant

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Walnut Pie with Whipped Cream

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Frosted Financier

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Apricot Croissant

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Mixed Berry Pinwheel

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Acknowledging a friendship with Chef Pluvinet, but this time drawn to Rosallie by a nine-year old’s suggestion that he wanted to visit “the place with the awesome Hot Chocolate,” Saturday once again saw Las Vegas’ best French Bakery teaming with activity, all the usual suspects present and accounted for along with three all-new Pastries.


Upgrading Le French Café further with a free Charging Station, the Wine Cellar now complete with affordable glasses and bottles from a variety of regions, it was once again at a cozy four-top that a party of two sat down after making some choices, the stereo playing pleasant French tunes while the windows featured hand-painted hearts acknowledging the upcoming week’s Valentine’s Day celebration.


Enjoying Rosallie’s house-blend Espresso over Ice while the youngster carefully navigated a mountain of Whipped Cream atop smooth Cocoa accompanied by a dense Dark Chocolate Truffle, it was at Jonathan’s behest that breakfast began with a dipped-Strawberry affixed with a heart, fruit flavors continued by the fresh-off-the-baking-sheet duo of a lightly frosted Apricot Croissant that should be on everyone’s to-eat list plus a triple-Berry Pinwheel that was toasty on the ends and buttery-soft at the middle.


Rounding out the meal with a reference standard Almond Croissant, classic Walnut Pie and a Madeline that has finally achieved Ducasse-quality, the final new item was presented as a Bundt-shaped round described by the server as a Tea Cake, though those knowledgeable will immediately identify both the texture as well as the flavor as that of a Financier with an unnecessary net of Icing added to make its delicate Almond flavor more accessible to the American palate.


FIVE STARS: Still the best place in town for Almond Croissants, Pain au Chocolat, Linzers or Walnut Pie, and continually experimenting with new ideas or tweaking old recipes to achieve equally high standards, Rosallie reigns as the best in its genre even as the competition grows and with dinner service soon to come the pursuit of perfection shows no signs of stopping.

RECOMMENDED: Hot Chocolate, Almond Croissant, Apricot Croissant, Walnut Pie.

AVOID: Left to my own devices the Financier would be served without Frosting, though the current version certainly is not bad.


TIP: Keep an eye on Social Media for Specials such as the Heart-shaped Raspberry Linzers and Nutella Cookies available for Valentine’s Day, or stop by to check out the selection for yourself and pick up a jar of Rosallie’s housemade Strawberry Preserves while you’re at it.

WHAT THE STARS MEAN: 5 World Class, 4 Excellent, 3 Good, 2 Fair, 1 Poor.

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