Moonshine Doughnuts, Edmonton AB


Moonshine Doughnuts at Old Strathcona Farmers’ Market


Hibiscus Rose

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Pineapple Coconut

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Blueberry Cinnamon

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Birthday Cookie Crumble


Disappointed by Jelly Modern and the $5CAD Donas at Native Tongues in Calgary, Tim Horton’s Maple-stranglehold on Canada’s fried dough scene almost seeming like a monopoly by my ninth day in Alberta, it was with high hopes that I parked at the Old Strathcona Farmers’ Market and wandered seeking a small table labeled Moonshine Doughnuts, owners Matthew and Simon smiling behind a stack of boxes amidst locals shopping for Organic Produce and locally raised Meats plus several others selling baked goods.

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Now in the business for almost five years, the couple as pleasant as can be in describing their passion for creating the best Doughnuts possible in small batches, Moonshine Doughnuts follows a unique business model that sees only four flavors offered each day with no singles, just boxes featuring one of each, for ten Canadian Dollars.

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Obviously putting a lot of thought into their product, the Cake-based rounds and largely similar save for the glaze, this particular Saturday saw the duo offering flavors that were surprisingly bright considering the Sub-zero Celsius Temperature outdoors, the Hibiscus Rose tasted first as I assumed it would be cloyingly floral, a mistake on my behalf as sweetness was brought to the forefront with only a light perfume of Rosewater left to linger on the lips.

DSC02702 DSC02685 DSC02682

Toothsome, but not greasy, the Blueberry Cinnamon a minor exception as it seemed to have been exposed to the oil a bit longer than the rest, more subtle flavoring was found amidst the tropical Pineapple Coconut concoction featuring thin flakes that were un-sweetened and un-toasted, the Birthday Cookie Crumble saved for last everything that was expected of it with buttery bits of a rainbow colored Sugar Cookie embedded in a Glaze reminiscent of Buttercream Frosting.


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