Ferraro’s Restaurant & Wine Bar [3,] Las Vegas NV


Ferraro’s Restaurant & Wine Bar

DSC03580 DSC03579 DSC03583

Garlic Focaccia, White Roll, and Herb Olive Oil

DSC03587 DSC03585

2011 Damilano Barolo Lecinquevigne

DSC03589 DSC03586

2011 Amarone della Valpolicella Classico

DSC03591 DSC03593 DSC03592

Romani – Roman Style Truffle Gnocchi, Roasted Royal Trumpet Mushroom, Parmigiano

DSC03594 DSC03595 DSC03598

Paninio Calabrese – Housemade Sausage, Caciocavallo Cheese, Rosalba’s Pickled Eggplant and French Fries

DSC03614 DSC03613

2015 Sella & Mosca La Cala Vermentino di Sardegna

DSC03601 DSC03605 DSC03610 DSC03611 DSC03612 DSC03599

Fresh Burrata – Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Pickled Peppers, Mushrooms, Rosalba’s Pickled Eggplant / Lardo – Pickled Onions and Fennel

DSC03602 DSC03604 DSC03603

Polipo Siciliano – Marinated Octopus, Capers, Black Olive, Potato

DSC03617 DSC03618 DSC03620

Polenta Aosta – Creamy Polenta, Truffle Pulled Short Ribs, Mixed Exotic Mushrooms

DSC03624 DSC03623 DSC03625

Trippa Satriano – Tripe in Spicy Tomato Sauce

DSC03645 DSC03627

2014 Rivera Preludio No 1 Chardonnay Castel del Monte

DSC03647 DSC03649

2011 Ciacci Piccolomini d’Aragona Brunello di Montalcino

DSC03628 DSC03629 DSC03651

Spaghettini Aglio e Olio – Olive Oil, Roasted Garlic, Red Pepper, Parmigiano

DSC03637 DSC03635 DSC03636

Risotto Lombardo – Mascarpone Cheese Risotto, Chestnut Honey, Arabica Coffee Powder

DSC03641 DSC03642 DSC03643

Bucatini Corti Amatrice – Thick Short Spaghetti, Traditional Roman Sauce, Guanciale, Tomato, Pecorino, Red Pepper Flakes

DSC03633 DSC03634 DSC03632

Cappelletti Vaccinara – Filled Housemade Pasta with Braised Oxtail, Celery, Sunchokes, Roasted Onion Reduction

DSC03640 DSC03638 DSC03639

Pappardelle Mimmo – Long Wide Pasta with Scallops, Lobster, Asparagus, Butter, Sage, Truffle

DSC03631 DSC03644 DSC03630

Pappardelle Cinghiale – Long Wide Pasta, Wild Boar Ragu

DSC03655 DSC03656

2014 Malvira Roero Arneis D.O.C.G.

DSC03669 DSC03667

2014 Le Macchiole Bolgheri Rosso

DSC03657 DSC03658 DSC03659

Brasato – Braised Short Ribs, Truffle Roman Gnocchi, King Mushroom, Castelmagno Cheese Fondue

DSC03663 DSC03665 DSC03674

Polletto Arrosto – Herb Marinated, Pan-Roasted Chicken, N’duja, Potatoes, Sweet Peppers, Lemon-Almond Gremolata

DSC03660 DSC03662 DSC03661

Paleo Pasta Pomodoro – Housemade Almond Flour, Arrowroot, Tapioca and Egg Pasta, Tomato Sauce

DSC03698 DSC03696

2008 Castello di Meleto Vin Santo del Chianti

DSC03702 DSC03699

Double Espresso on Ice

DSC03680 DSC03679 DSC03678

Tiramisu – Lady Fingers, Mascarpone Cheese, Espresso

DSC03691 DSC03694 DSC03690

Rosalba’s Cookies – Lemon, Amaretto, Chocolate, Hazelnut, Wedding Cookies

DSC03676 DSC03689 DSC03677

Pistacchio Passion – Layered Pistacchio Cream, Cream Cheese Custard, Whipped Cream on Walnut Crust

DSC03683 DSC03686 DSC03695

Sfogliatella – Crisp Pastry, Citrus Ricotta


In a city happier to implode and rebuild than to invest in the future there are few Icons, those classic places from which locals reminisce of great times that can still be visited today, yet even as tourists willingly spend $70 for burned Lasagna and a lot of theatrics imported from New York on the Strip the name Ferraro remains relevant, a look at the new menu from Chef Francesco Di Caudo adding modernity to the classics and keeping the restaurant vibrant after more than thirty years in the business.


Originally visited in 2015, a longtime omission from visits to Las Vegas based on rumors that the food had become dated, visit number three to the storied Restaurant and Wine Bar on Paradise came several months after the last, including a trip to Italy, little having changed in terms of the décor or top-tier service while Chef Di Caudo has now had nearly eighteen months to hone in on local’s expectations, the tasting served in four courses ranging from Happy Hour bites to elegant handmade Pastas and perfectly cooked Proteins plus Desserts that provided a truly unexpected treat.


Admittedly friendly with the ownership, both Gino and Mimmo stopping by to say hello during the course of the night, it was with deference to the kitchen plus a few requested plates that the meal began just past 5:30pm on a Friday, four tender morsels of Gnocchi arriving with the fragrance of Truffles beneath roasted Mushrooms as a welcome from the kitchen and followed by an ‘Ora Sociale’ Sandwich worthy of worth seeking out as crusty Bread is pressed around Spicy housemade Sausage, piquant Cheese, and the Ferraro family’s famous Pickled Eggplant.


Gifted complimentary Wine pairings throughout the evening, many of the Vintages unfamiliar to the table but nicely explained and obviously well thought-out, the first proper course of the evening was a collection of Antipasti including the classic Octopus, Olive and Caper dish that had impressed on a prior visit plus Fresh Burrata, Sliced Lardo and pickled Condiments – the Eggplant again a highlight though the Mushrooms and Peppers were no slouch either for refreshing the palate between bites.


Enjoying the Sardinian White with Meat, Cheese nd Octopus while both Barolo and the fruitier Amarone were well suited to Ferraro’s unparalleled Tripe and a plate of Polenta topped with shredded Short Rib and Mushrooms, Chef Di Caudo’s Primi course was a true embarrassment of riches with six tasting portions sent out simultaneously, a sip of Chardonnay refreshing the palate in anticipation of the al dente Spaghettini Aglio e Olio that found greatness in simplicity while the “Pappardelle Mimmo” delivers a whole lot of Seafood per bite, including both a nicely caramelized Scallop and snappy chunks of Lobster.


Offering up more wide ribbons of Pasta beneath a chunky Ragu of Wild Boar alongside another meaty plate of tender tubes filled with Oxtail in a pool of Onion Juice with Sunchokes in various forms, Di Caudo raises the bar for Rice in Sin City by way of “Risotto Lombardo” that sees the grains softened slightly in Mascarpone and Chestnut Honey with a dusting of Coffee Powder while the Bucatini Corti Amatrice presents Pasta with a good tooth but proper ‘give’ mixed with Pork Jowl, Tomatoes and Red Pepper Flakes.


Already feeling the effects of so many bold flavors and a bit too much wine, Secondi did not slow down in terms of the quality of the food or the portion of the pours, a 2014 Malvira Roero Arneis proving to be one of the most memorable Whites in recent memory and a perfect complement to the pan-toasted Chicken bolstered by Calabrian Sausage, Sweet Peppers and Lemon while the Brasato featured elements from two prior plates in bold combination, the Gluten-free Pasta sent out merely to show off a texture that is virtually indistinguishable from the Pappardelle and available with one of three choices of Sauce.


Not really the sort of place to reinvent the wheel in terms of dessert, everything from the classic Tiramisu to the Ricotta Cake setting a city-wide standard for classic quality, it was as a great surprise that the table was treated to two oven-fresh Sfogliatelle with crisp coils shattering around creamy Citrus, Mimmo’s favorite Pistacchio Passion as light and creamy as it was the last time while Rosalba’s Cookie Plate should be required eating on every guest’s agenda.


FIVE STARS: Always good, but now climbing to the upper echelon of Las Vegas Italian food with the likes of Portofino and Fiamma, Ferraro’s continues to prove that the best don’t remain great by doing the same thing over and over or by blowing things up to reinvent, but rather by continued improvement with a focus on quality and the guest’s overall enjoyment.

RECOMMENDED: Paninio Calabrese, Rosalba’s Pickled Eggplant, Trippa Satriano, Spaghettini Aglio e Olio, Risotto Lombardo, Polletto Arrosto, Sfogliatelle, Rosalba’s Cookies.

AVOID: The fries served with the Panino seemed out of place. They weren’t bad, but at a place like Ferraro’s something else would seem more appropriate, even if it is Happy Hour.

TIP: Wild Boar Pappardelle, Lardo and Sfogliatelle were all off-menu/nightly specials and may not be available on a given night. Check online for the new Vegan menu, as well.

WHAT THE STARS MEAN: 5 World Class, 4 Excellent, 3 Good, 2 Fair, 1 Poor.

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