Amy’s Donut Factory & Gourmet Creamery, Henderson NV


Amy’s Donut Factory & Gourmet Creamery

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Samples – Double Rainbow World Serious Brownie, Cookies and Cream, Pralines and Cream, Butter Pecan, Banana Walnut

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Hot Donut Sundae – Hot Vanilla Donut, Caramel Glaze, M&Ms, Golden Gate Caramel Ice Cream, Whipped Cream, Caramel Drizzle

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Hot Vanilla Donut, Strawberry Glaze, Strawberry Jelly, Vanilla Wafer Crunch

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Hot Vanilla Donut, Maple Glaze, Bavarian Cream, Chopped Nuts

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Hot Chocolate Donut, Chocolate Glaze, Graham Crackers, Mini Marshmallows

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Hot Chocolate Donut, Banana Glaze, Mini Peanut Butter Cups, Bacon


Having stated aloud several times that a place like East Coast favorites Duck Donuts or Fractured Prune would be a great franchise opportunity for the right person in Las Vegas, the Valley has suddenly seen a proliferation of made-to-order Donut shops in recent months, Fractured Prune arriving on the West Side just prior to Christmas while Crunch expanded from Texas to UNLV around the same time, the locally owned original Amy’s Donut Factory a bit further off in Henderson’s Anthem Village.

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Having marked the sizable shop featuring a sign announcing “Hot Donuts and Ice Cream” since shortly after its opening, the reviews of locals suggesting that the fresh-fried rounds at Amy’s were amongst the best bases in Sin City, it was just past 9:30 Saturday morning that the smell of Sugar, Flour and Oil were detected even before opening the glass door, a young Indian gentleman repacking the Ice Cream cooler offering a greeting and brief explanation of the menu.


Featuring only Cake Donuts thus far, the choice of Vanilla or Chocolate step one of five with Icing, Toppings, Fillings and Drizzles all added in an unlimited amount thereafter for just $1.49, patrons may decide whether to simply recite their order or write down any combination they dream up, the opportunity to sample spoonfuls of Ice Cream from San Francisco’s Double Rainbow an added benefit during the wait to follow.


Slightly less complicated than Fractured Prune, only fourteen Glazes compared to 17 plus a few less toppings, Amy’s does not specifically recommend any specific pairings, instead allowing the customer’s mind to roam free, the eventual order comprised of four hot Donuts, two each of Vanilla and Chocolate, plus a gourmet Hot Donut Sundae at a total cost of just $10.46.


Providing free WiFi and a Boylan Soda Fountain plus Coffee, Water and Juice, it was with mild amusement that the Dough-to-finished-product march from hot Oil to box was witnessed, the young man soon joined by a manager who spent most of his time grumbling and making off-hand comments when two other patrons arrived along with a dozen via phone-in-order, thus making one question just how well this concept might work during busier hours when the shop might get backed up.


Taking a box and plate to comfy low-boy seating, plasticwear in hand along with a cup of water, the piping hot Vanilla round had done little to put a dent in the hard-packed Milk Chocolate ice Cream with Brownie Bits and Caramel, the M&Ms acting as a barrier with the base of the ball only softened and therefore an excellent juxtaposition of texture and temperature, a spray of Whipped Cream plus a drizzle of Caramel making the $3.99 composition just a little bit sweeter.


Moving on to the still-hot Donuts, each topped one by one and packed up in a box topped with coupons, those fancying Dunkin’s Strawberry Glaze will be heartened that Amy’s is almost identical, a dip in crushed ‘Nilla Wafers plus a dollop of Strawberry Jam making for a delightful mix not unlike Strawberry Shortcake while the Banana Frosting was unfortunately downright nasty, the artificial sweetness not far off from Runts candy and thus completely ruining both the Donut beneath it and the Bacon plus Peanut Butter Cups that one might have fairly assumed capable of making a Fat Elvis-themed topping.


Impressed by how crisp each Donut gets while still maintaining a fluffy interior, any semblance of oil completely undetectable despite having just been fried, S’mores and the Canadian Maple Rolo served as inspiration for the other two creations, the Hot Vanilla Donut with Maple Glaze, Bavarian Cream and Chopped Nuts definitely worth a go for those tired of Salty Caramel while the Double Chocolate topped with pulverized Graham Crackers and Mini Marshmallows from a bag would have benefitted from a bit of Toasting, though the flavor even without was still quite good.


THREE STARS: Locally owned and operated, thus making it one of a kind compared to franchised imports, Amy’s Donut Factory is a winner for those who prefer Cake to Yeasted Donuts and the opportunity to customize, though management would be well served to realize that sales mean sustained business no matter where one is located and that it is never appropriate to dress down associates, especially when there are customers around.

RECOMMENDED: Either Base, Maple or Strawberry Glaze, Bavarian Cream, World Serious Brownie Ice Cream.

AVOID: Banana Glaze, Mini Marshmallows, Cookies n’ Cream Ice Cream.

TIP: Cheaper by the Dozen Coupons are available on the box for future visits. A mistake in pricing saved me 50-cents as a donut with Ice Cream is $3.99 while the “Sundae” treatment with Whipped Cream and Drizzle is $4.49 on the White Board Menu’s far right side.

WHAT THE STARS MEAN: 5 World Class, 4 Excellent, 3 Good, 2 Fair, 1 Poor.


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