Bo Patisseria, Mexico City MX


Bo Patisseria

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Carrot Cake

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Guava Cheesecake with Cardamom and Anise

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Torta de Nuez


Located in the upscale Hipodromo section of Mexico City and celebrated by locals for Pastries using French technique but flavors familiar to the local palate, it was just thirty minutes prior to close that a stop was made at Bo Patisseria, the staff pleasant and as helpful as possible considering they spoke no English while the store itself is cutely designed with birds and shelving containing everything from Chocolates to housemade Preserves.

Bordering trendy Condessa, the clientele still rolling in at such a late hour for warm Beverages and something sweet, it was after some deliberation that three individually sized cakes were selected, the total bill of less than $9USD about half of what one would pay for lesser quality products north of the border.


Starting the tasting from light to heavy, and thus holding Bo Patisseria’s most famous item till last, those who enjoy the flavors of Tea would be well advised to order the airy Guava Cheesecake laced with Anise and Cardamom, the followup Nut Tart eschewing all the Jelly that makes America’s Pecan Pie so sweet while the Carrot Cake said by many to be ‘destination worthy’ proved to be just that, the crumb so moist and rife with spice that it barely seems like any flour or sugar is present while the icing is tangy and just thick enough to add some balance.



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