Taqueria Los Parados, Mexico City MX


Taqueria Los Parados

DSC04308 IMG_20170311_202030_212 DSC04310

Tacos Nopale Con Queso

DSC04298 DSC04302 DSC04303

Tacos Alambre de Pastor

DSC04304 DSC04321 DSC04305

Tacos Chuleta y Tocino

DSC04306 DSC04319 DSC04307

Pan Arabe con Pollo

DSC04312 DSC04320 DSC04311

Volcan con Chorizo

DSC04315 DSC04314 DSC04323


DSC04317 DSC04316

Arroz con Leche


Considered by many to be the best Taco shop in a city where one can literally find a stand or cart every ten yards, Taqueria Los Parados was a must-visit on the first night in Mexico City, a small line snaking out the front of a standing-room-only space where Meats are being grilled or spit-roasted in plain view with Condiments sitting at the cusp of the entryway, free for the taking.


Using two large menu boards with no indication of how to proceed, it was after some deliberation that the counter was approached with an order typed out in text, the items recited back and two Desserts plus a beverage produced from the cooler with instructions to pass the receipt to a grillman who would prepare all of the rest.


Tight, narrow and crowded – comments often as applicable to the city itself as they were to Los Parados, it was with a small space carved along an interior ledge that a brief wait was undertaken prior to orders being served one-by-one from the grill-top, first bites of the Tacos Alambre de Pastor showing the Beef to be tender and succulent amidst a mélange of Peppers and Onions that grew even more vibrant with a spritz of Lime and some Salsa while the Cactus and Cheese was smoky and fresh both before, and moreso after, adding a generous amount of Pico de Gallo.


Intrigued by the combination Taco of Steak and Bacon, but a little underwhelmed by the flavor until condiments were added to liven things up, the dual-layered pocket of grilled Chicken and Cheese quickly helped steer the meal back on course, the dish described as a Volcan featuring the Tortillas grilled crisp beneath a pile of spicy Pork mellowed by both the melted Cheese and a scoop of pureed Avocado.


Wrapping up the meal with desserts, a plastic cup of Rice Pudding proving mildly sweet and laced with Cinnamon amidst stick-a-spoon-up-straight thickness, even better bites were found within a dish entitled Jericaya, the Egg Custard popular in Guadalajara lightly baked brown on top with a texture not so different from Flan, but with less air pockets and a more savory overall flavor.


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