Taqueria Los Cocuyos, Mexico City MX


Taqueria Los Cocuyos

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Suadero with Nopales and Onion

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Longaniza and Cabeza

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Located along Calle de Bolívar, quite literally a hole in the wall only identifiable by a cloth awning bearing the words “Los Cocuyos” and thus passed over thousands of times daily by hungry persons not ‘in the know,’ it was as part of a multi-stop lunch that two diners approached the stand where a man holding a gigantic cleaver stood carefully stirring a pot of Meat with a flat-top to one side and another man outside the booth chopping vegetables, the menu a veritable hodgepodge of Pork and Bovine Offal.

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Considered by many to be the most interesting Taco vendor in Mexico City, the Suadero sought out by countless epicurean visitors ever since the small stand was highlighted by bloggers in 2013, Taqueria Los Cocuyos is owned and operated by a friendly man named Rigoberto along with one friend and a woman who assists with kitchen duties, each item less than $1USD with flavors one simply does not find stateside.

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Offering a few soft drinks by the bottle, all Salsas made by the Chef and his team with several toppings available, but best deferred to what Rigoberto suggest when he passes off each steaming hot Taco, the adventurous are invited to taste everything from Tongue to Brain to Eyes and Ears, the Beef Tripe which was requested crispy from the flat top as funky as fans would expect, just a small squeeze of Lime all that is necessary to brighten the taste with a tablespoon of chopped Cilantro and Onions.


Impressed by the technique used to make each Taco, the Meats all stewing in each other’s juices with more of the broth added during searing both the Protein and the Tortillas, a duo of Cabeza and Longaniza Sausage proved nearly as good pairing as the former was a tender, soft and fragrant from the cooking juices while the later was just a little bit spicy, the accompanying plate of two Suadero Tacos eating almost as soft as Rillettes with a long porky sapor that worked well with the Chef’s suggestion of grilled Cactus and Onions.



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