Dulceria de Celaya, Mexico City MX


Dulceria de Celaya

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Picones Guayaba

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Picones Fresa

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Manzanitas Leche

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Aleluya Pistache


Candied Date


Bollito de Fresa

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Bollito de Nuez


Tortitas Puebla

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Cocada Dorad

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Huevos Reale


Founded in 1874 and serving the people of Mexico City ever since, Dulceria de Celaya offers an old-world experience unlike any other Candy shop or street vendor in the capital, the shelves stocked with all sorts of housemade sweets and confections with the total number easily stretching into the hundreds.

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Located central to the historic downtown area, many of the city’s biggest tourist destinations within walking distance, guests entering Dulceria de Celaya for the first time immediately have their heads and eyes sent spinning, glass cases on all sides featuring everything from Nougat to Chocolate and Marzipan to Candied Fruits, another case in the rear also featuring several housemade Cakes, Cookies and Flans.


Almost entirely Spanish speaking, the limited English offered mostly ingredient terms for some of the fruits, it was after careful perusal that the decision was made that the best approach would be to focus on variety, a bag of toasted Pumpkin Seeds with Margarita spice eaten en route to lunch with the rest saved till later, the only item that may have suffered a golden yellow Spongecake described as “Huevos Reale” that was gummy with an odd mouthfeel that seemed far too elastic with hefty Nutmeg flavors.

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Nicely boxed and presented elegantly, some of the items pre-packed into small plastic sleeves while others sold by weight were folded into wax paper, it was with two fruity Picones which eat a lot like Pate de Fruit that the tasting got underway, the Guava somewhat more distinguishable than the Strawberry that could have been any Berry-based jam thanks to the intensity of the sugar while the Manzanitas Leche and Cocada Dorad made good use of shredded Coconut to add texture and rein in the sweetness.


Impressed by the smooth and creamy texture of a Pistachio Aleluya, the Tortitas Puebla unfortunately lacking as much in flavor as it did in moisture, both the Strawberry and Nut Nougats were pleasant Candies that would travel well as gifts to friends back home, the Date riddled with sugar another item that would impress fans of fruity confections…if, of course, the buyer can prevent eating them all by his or herself.


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