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Café con Crema

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Cinnamon Roll

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Basket of Tajin Potato Chips

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Molletes with Sheep’s Manchego, Creamy Goat Cheese and Hard Cow’s Cheese plus Salsa and Pico de Gallo

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Fried Organic Chicken Torta, Lettuce, Guacamole, Tomato and Mayonnaise

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French Toast, Strawberries, Agave Nectar

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Vanilla Flan with Caramel

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Corn Cake with Clotted Cream

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Cubilete with Raspberry Jam


Owned by Enrique Olvera and located next to the original Pujol, Eno sees Mexico’s most famous Chef abandon his nouveau Mexican tasting men in exchange for something more humble and straight forward, a three meal space focused on classic Street Foods and Tortas that remains busy as ever, the 9am start for Brunch on weekends a best-of-the-best for those who want to see the widest variety of choices.

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Usually open at 7am on Weekdays, the early morning menu largely involving several styles of Eggs, Breads and Pastries, it was after a brief visit to gather provisions at a local bakery that two diners were sat at one of the few remaining two-tops just a few moments after the restaurant opened its door, a triangular clapboard on the outside soon listing the names of more than ten parties of various size ready and waiting.


Long, narrow and with dated plumbing throughout, a bar at the back offering take-away Rolls and Coffee or Tea, it was with an all-Spanish menu in hand that one of three young female servers approached the table just a few minutes after seats were taken, the service far more hurried than that of its more famous sibling as English was only offered to a very limited degree.


Happy to see a menu that is clear, concise but inclusive, the Tortas and Molletes obviously quite popular as they were ordered by diners on both sides, it was with a duo of Pastries plus two Coffees and a large basket of Sour and Spicy Potato Chips that the meal got underway, Olvera’s Cinnamon Roll a small not featuring good lamination and a golden, crunchy shell overlying an interior riddled with Cinnamon and Sugar while the oddly placed Financier met or exceeded the standard set by those in France with a soft center of Almond Flour almost super-saturated in Butter.


Taking a step back from the ambient American soundtrack of Pujol and instead better fitting the menu to upbeat Mexican classics, proper plates were delayed perhaps twenty minutes thanks to an ongoing crunch of patrons that would not stop until well after a departure just past 10:20, the Fried Organic Chicken Torta offering pounded Breast from a Brine with delicate coating on a flaky Bun while the “Molletes” seemed almost like a mix between French Bread Pizza and an open-face Grilled Cheese Sandwich with the blend of three different beasts Milk served atop refried Beans with sides of Salsa and Pico de Gallo for dipping.


Unfortunately not living up to the high standard set by Lalo! for French Toast, the dipped and griddled Bread not bad but also not a Custard-laden masterpiece like that of Eduardo Garcia, better bites were found from a Dessert menu that again focused on rustic refinement, Vanilla Flan in a Jar floating in a Caramel Puddle while the tender Corn Cake was almost as light as Japanese Tamago next to a small bowl of Clotted Cream, the Cubilete far more dense and savory than those found at a local bakery, the 65 Peso pricepoint certainly not a bad deal when taking into account the all-Butter Crust and smooth filling meant to be enjoyed with fresh Raspberry puree.


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