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Fanny Bay Oysters with Kimchi Cocktail Sauce, Nori Chips, Pita Chips, U-12 Shrimp, Lomi Lomi Salmon, Tako Poke, Ahi Poke, Lobster Tail

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Kale Smoothie – Avocado, Date, Banana, Almond Milk / Greek Yogurt – Market Berries, House Granola

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La Jolla Fish Tacos – Mahi-Mahi, One Grilled and One Beer Battered with White Sauce, Shredded Cabbage, Pico, Lime

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Asian Soft Shell Sandwich – Cabbage Slaw, Wasabi Aioli, Pickled Vegetables with Boardwalk Fries featuring Old Bay, Malt Vinegar, Herbs, Devil Sauce, Ketchup

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Jicama Watermelon Salad, King Crab Legs, Panzanella Salad, Deviled Eggs, Herb Ricotta stuffed Eggplant and Peppers

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King Crab and Lobster – Scampi-style, Drawn Butter

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Bacon and Egg Ravioli – Grilled Bread, Pancetta, Parmesan Cheese

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Smoked Salmon, Tomahawk Ribeye, Porchetta, Herb Cream Cheese, Bagel Chips, Lavosh, Pickles and Vegetables

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Loco Moco Benny – White Rice, Truffle Gravy, Spicy Sesame Hollandaise

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Wings – Sriracha Glazed, Pickled Cucumber and Carrots, Chili, Cilantro, Peanut Sauce, Chipotle Ranch

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Orange Ricotta Chocolate Chip Pancakes – Tree Sap, Whipped Cream

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Chocolate Chip Cookie, Double Chocolate Cookie, White Chocolate Cranberry Cookie, Oatmeal Raisin Cookie, Key Lime Tart, Raspberry Meringue, Strawberry Donut, Chocolate Donut, Raspberry Lemon Pound Cake, Chocolate Nut Brownie, Cherry Danish, Golden Raisin Bran Muffin Blueberry Muffin, Pain au Chocolate, Chocolate Cupcake, Vanilla Cupcake


Frozen Melon – Honeydew, Cantaloupe


Now celebrating nearly a year and a half in business, outdoor patio season once again in full-swing, Herringbone at Aria Resort and Casino kicked off 2017 with the announcement of an all-you-can-eat weekend Brunch Club, the perfect fit for its targeted clientele of Millennials looking to lounge in the sun sipping Mimosas, Moet or Rose while a DJ Spins records, but also the sort of place those with a culinary interest will find worthy of an early rise from bed.


Continuing to evolve since its inception, Brian Malarkey’s brand managed by the Hakkasan group fortunate to find Chef Geno Bernardo available, ready and able to bring the concept of California Coastal Cuisine to Las Vegas with the help of Chef Nicholas Aoki and a youthful front-of-house that does an outstanding job of circulating, getting down to eye-level and catering to the needs of each guest, Brunch 2017 sees the restaurant now doing good numbers both in the dining room where low-boys are replaced by interactive Chef Stations and outdoors where the DJ keeps control of a soundtrack ranging from Will Smith to the xx and Calvin Harris, the space almost filled by noon as NHL-Playoff action faced-off on flat-screen televisions.

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Far less loud than it was in the past, the music keeping a good beat but never forcing patrons to shout in order to be heard, it was with shaded seating at a large four-top that the concept was discussed prior to a brief tour of stations including Salads, Desserts, a Raw Bar, and Carving plus Omelets that Coffee was poured instead of one of three drink packages, a first trip inside spent entirely on fresh Shellfish including unlimited Fanny Bay Oysters that would normally cost $3 each at most spots on the Strip while three styles of Poke including one made with sliced Octopus were all excellent, as too were hemisected Lobster Tails and plump U-12 Shrimp.


Utilizing the Aria’s in-house bakery as well as the Herringbone kitchen to make a variety of Chips, Breads, Bagels and Sweets, the jet-black Nori Crisps and Multi-grain Lavosh both noteworthy as were the seasoned Croutons decorating a vibrant Panzanella Salad using produce from the local Farmer’s Market, it was after a few sips of a Kale Smoothie suggested by my sun-kissed server and a Greek Yogurt Parfait that Chef Aoki arrived with the first of a few off-menu surprises, the Asian Soft Shell Sandwich placing a sizable fried Crab with just a touch of Batter on a toasted Bun with Cabbage Slaw and Pickled Vegetables next to the menu’s Boardwalk Fries while “La Jolla Fish Tacos” offer Mahi-Mahi either grilled or Beer-Battered on Flour Tortillas with spicy White Sauce, Shredded Cabbage, Tomatoes, Onion and Lime.


Certainly a good place for people watching, the diversity of Las Vegas’ tourist population on full display though still family friendly, trip two to the buffet featured the aforementioned Panzanella plus roasted Vegetables stuffed with Herb Ricotta plus Deviled Eggs, Jicama with Watermelon and Tangerines plus a few small Crab Legs that at first looked alright, but then turned quite disappointing when Nicholas brought forth the Scampi-style Lobster and wrist-thick Leg covered in Garlic and Drawn Butter, the house-favorite Bacon and Egg Ravioli served thanks to a note from Geno who was away on business in Southern California before heading off to Hawaii where another Herringbone is on the way.


Taking a third trip inside, this one to the carving station where two talkative Chefs were cooking a three-Egg-white Omelet for one guest while serving sliced Meats for the rest, those looking for some truly superb Brunch Proteins would be well served to look past Aria’s Buffet and onward to Herringbone where the team is serving up housemade Porchetta and Bone-In Ribeye, fans of smoked Salmon also in for a treat as the team brings in some of Sin City’s very best and pairs it with Capers, all the traditional garnishes and either regular or herbed Cream Cheese.

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Employing a lot of sons and daughters of Hawaii, both Chef Aoki and the General Manager moving from the Islands to Las Vegas several years ago, it only seems right that Herringbone’s Loco Moco Benny is every bit as interesting as it is a tasty take on tradition, the Wings last tasted shortly after the restaurant opened its doors still some of the largest ever seen and served spicy on their own, with two tasty sauces that can either amplify or mellow the heat.


Happy to see a sized-down version of the fluffy Orange Ricotta Chocolate Chip Pancakes still on the menu, the thick Maple Tree Sap served on the side so that diners can go as sweet or as mild as they like, it was at long last that an all-in visit to the Dessert bar took place, candies including a vast array of Saltwater Taffy passed up in favor of four cookies that could easily be sold for a buck each at someplace like Sweet Addictions plus a Key Lime Tart, two filled Doughnuts, Muffins, a top-tier Cherry Dainish plus Brownies, Pain au Chocolate and Cupcakes.


FIVE STARS: In a city full of all-you-can eat options, places like Wicked Spoon, Bacchanal and Wynn all recently upgrading in a sort of arms race, it has always been Sterling at Bally’s or perhaps Veranda at The Four Seasons that served the ‘best’ AYCE in terms of quality…at least until Geno and Nicholas dropped the Brunch Club at Herringbone Las Vegas. Sure $59.99 is more than many might spend on Breakfast, but dollar for dollar feel free to do the math on King Crab, Fresh Oysters, Lobster and Prime Meats…then rest assured the twenty-somethings not-drinking their weight in beverage packages ranging from $35 to $95 are buying you the Las Vegas Boulevard breakfast deal of the year.

RECOMMENDED: Shrimp, Oysters with Kimchi Cocktail Sauce, Tako Poke with Nori Crisps, Panzanella Salad, Stuffed Eggplant, Tomahawk Ribeye, Smoked Salmon, Beer Battered La Jola Fish Tacos, Wings, Orange Ricotta Chocolate Chip Pancakes, Cherry Danish, Oatmeal Raisin Cookie.

AVOID: Crab Legs are a bit skimpy and the Kale Smoothie…yeah, leave that for the beach bunnies. Smilie: :-)

TIP: Several items such as the Soft Shell Crab, Bacon and Egg Ravioli and Scampi-Style were off-menu. Availability and price on Request.

WHAT THE STARS MEAN: 5 World Class, 4 Excellent, 3 Good, 2 Fair, 1 Poor.


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