[lost meals] Hillbilly Tea, Louisville KY

The lost meals entries consist of meals that occurred at various times throughout 2012 which, for any number of reasons, escaped my documentation – some due to a cross country move and a new job, some due to the Los Angeles Kings run to the Stanley Cup, and some simply as a result of too much travel. Having enjoyed many of these meals with friends or family and with some of them amongst the year’s very best the reality is that with time my memory has deteriorated and as life moves forward I’ve realized there is little hope to ever “catch up” or document these experiences as well as I’d hope, yet in order to preserve them I present these pictures, notes, and thoughts on the experience.

Matcha Green

Chamomile with Lemon Syrup

Crispy Liver Bites with Honey Mustard

White Bean and Sage Fritters with Basil Mayo

Corn Fried Tofu with Sweet and Sour

Corn Pone

Chilled Peach Soup with Peanuts and Cream

Bourbon Bread Pudding with Marshmallow Cream

Not particularly hungry after a full morning and afternoon of eating it was much to my mother’s chagrin that pre-dinner was planned before our meal at 610 Magnolia but after a 105 degree afternoon at Churchill Downs in which they actually cancelled the races due to dangers to the horses I think she was happy to watch me eat provided it involved being out of the heat and having something cold to drink, both tasks easily accomplished by the humorously named “Hillbilly Tea” where we not only enjoyed unlimited refills of two of their 50+ teas, but also some decent bites and another top notch dessert.

Small in size and focused in scope our arrival at Hillbilly Tea would unfortunately be at the transition from lunch to dinner and with the online menu quite different from that being offered from the kitchen it was with good fortune that our server, a young woman named Sarah, was full of suggestions – our eventual order entailing four savory “treats” plus a sweet and one gift from the kitchen, all but the mushy, flavorless ‘gift’ of Corn Fried Tofu proving to be good and the creamy peach soup with soft boiled peanuts and boozy but balanced bread pudding both proving to be exemplary.

Described as a “trendy tea café” with “an emphasis on bringing folks together” I cannot necessarily say that Hillbilly Tea is destination dining but taking into account the convenient location, low prices, friendly service, and unique menu it definitely warrants a look to those visiting Louisville, especially those who are looking for small bites, good drinks, and a pleasant unassuming atmosphere.

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