Kreuther Handcrafted Chocolate, New York NY

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Kreuther Handcrafted Chocolate

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Chocolate Macaron

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XL Chocolate Chip Cookie

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Fleur du Temps – Pistachio Biscuit, White Chocolate Mousse, Raspberry Gelee

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Exotic Mille Feuille – Caramelized Puff Pastry, Banana Crème, Tropical Gelee

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Classic – Strawberry and Vanilla Bavarois, Hazelnut Biscuit

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Opened in November 2016 as an extension of Gabriel Kreuther Restaurant, a next-door space focused on confections from Marc Aumont, it was in continuation of a kitchen tour that a path was made to Kreuther Handcrafted Chocolate, the General Manager handing guests off to a helpful middle-aged man happy to talk shop…after first presenting a light and crispy Chocolate Macaron filled with rich Chocolate Cream to taste.

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Conveniently located across from Bryant Park, hours from 11am until ten o’clock at night Monday through Saturday allowing Manhattanites and visitors to shop for top quality sweets at almost any time of day, the interior of Kreuther Handcrafted Chocolate appears to be a natural extension of the Midtown Restaurant, the interior spacious with retro chairs and small tables for those wishing to dine in or to watch the team hard at work sculpting Chocolate in the display kitchen.

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Regarded as one of America’s most skilled Pastry Chefs, Aumont’s career essentially beginning at birth in Tours where he would take over his parent’s bakery by the age of sixteen, it was after years of classic training that the young Chef moved to New York City where he would subsequently spend time at David Bouley before joining the team at The Modern, his friendship with Kreuther blossoming from a shared heritage and mutual understanding of the dedication it would take to see their careers grow.

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Having already tasted some of Aumont’s work next door, two Desserts plus Financiers and Chocolates served after a wonderful meal, it was after a bit of discussion regarding likes and preferences that additional Chocolates including Bananas Foster and Pear Balsamic Marmalade with Pain D’épices were enjoyed before placing an order including three Pastries plus one Cookie, the foot-long Maple Syrup Pound Cake thankfully sold out, because otherwise there would have been a lot of regret in not ordering it.

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Charging the same price as Maman for Cookies, though at Kreuther the $3.75 Chocolate Chip round features a perfect golden rim and softly-set center fully loaded with Bittersweet Chips, it was alongside Coffee that additional items were tasted, the “Exotic Mille Feuille” that was said not to contain any Passion Fruit undoubtedly inaccurately described, though the cloying acidic flavor was by-and-large balanced by the sugary compressed Pasty layers and smooth Banana Cream.

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Now working with Kreuther for over a decade, the duo’s dishes each fairly easy to pick out from a line-up of New York’s top Chefs, it was passing over Éclairs, Dacquoise and Sable that the similarly shaped “Classic” and “Fleur du Temps” were chosen to round out an afternoon of outstanding food that rings true in flavor despite its beautiful presentation, the former essentially a Strawberry Shortcake with topnotes of toasted Nuts while the brilliant White cake topped in torn Flowers tastes much like the Financier served next door with airy White Chocolate Mousse and sugary pureed Raspberries.

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