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Petee’s Pie Company

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NY Sour Cherry Pie

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Brown Butter Honey Pecan Pie

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Black Bottom Almond Chess Pie


Opened since 2014 in Manhattan’s Lower East Side, a ramshackle little spot on Delancey barely visible from across the Street, Petee’s Pie Company has been said to offer some of the Big Apple’s very best Pies thanks to using only top quality ingredients and changing things up seasonally, the prices comparable to Pie Corps or Four & Twenty with about twenty varieties including sweet and savory choices available daily.

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Ranging $5 – $6 per slice, the promise of Green Market Produce, Organic Flour and Grass-Fed Butter from Upstate New York combined with all-natural sweeteners and zero preservatives certainly a model that anyone with the financial means should be willing to get behind, it was just past 10:30am on Saturday that the small shop was entered, one patron present browsing the internet while two young women worked stocking shelves, a few questions answered and the decision to take out made largely due to the shop being a bit too hot and stuffy, not unexpected as they were consistently running a convection oven to re-warm dine-in items.


Owned by Petra Paredez, a Virginia native who grew up the daughter of bakers before eventually settling in New York, Petee’s collection reads very much of the young woman’s past with a focus on all the typical Fruit and Cream choices plus some more Southern Specific, the words “Ice Box” and “Chess” not usually seen on menus north of the Mason-Dixon, but here featured prominently including the Black Bottom Almond Chess that fuses the Cornmeal and Vinegar classic with both Almond Flour and sliced Nuts atop a thin layer of Fudge nestled into the all-butter Crust.

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Dining as a solo and thus forced to cut the order about six slices short of what one ought to, Maine Blueberry, Local Apple, Key Lime and Banana Cream all left on the shelves along with weekend special Cinnamon Rolls, bites to follow were invested in a sloppy slice of New York Sour Cherries followed by Brown Butter Honey Pecan, the former using only enough Sugar to keep the Fruit sticky as it baked inside the Pie Shell while the later would have benefitted from a bit higher Nut-to-Jam ratio, though this is but a minor complaint for those who like their Pie sweet since the combination of Local Honey, Brown Sugar and Butter give Milk Bar’s “Crack Pie” a run for its money for the most sugary in the City.


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