Café Atelier September, Copenhagen DK


Café Atelier September

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Butter Croissant

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Comte Cheese, Soft Boiled Egg, Rye Bread, Butter

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Yogurt, Zucchini Jam, Matcha, Granola


Located at Gothersgade 30, a few steps up allowing for a privileged vantage of streets below, Atelier September is one of *those* places that everyone who visits Copenhagen talks about even though little about it appears to be noteworthy, a Monday morning breakfast visit just minutes before the arrival of a party of twenty giving a glimpse of why as the menu proves more ‘well edited’ than ‘limited’ with each of three items ordered proving worthwhile.


An inhabitant of the same street since 1987 and easy to miss though frequently nearby as Gothersgade is a convenient throughway across the city with quick access to Nørreport and Torvehallerne, Café Atelier September was originally opened in the early 90s and although the space still contains an artist’s studio and galleries the focus of most visitors is on the Food created by Frederik Bille Brahe.

Another quick-service kitchen not unlike Mad & Kaffe, most of the items pre-made or quickly assembled which allows for a meal to be easily completed in less than half-an-hour even though many choose to stick around with Coffee in hand, diners at Café Atelier September are first greeted by the house Dog who will be happy to collect any crumbs as they approach the counter, housemade Rye and Croissants immediately tempting even before one takes a look at the menu lined with items including Eggs, Yogurt and even Avocado Toast.


Serving lunch and breakfast daily, a 07h00 opening on Weekdays and later on Weekends with closure each day at 16h00, it was after being told of the large party that a chair was secured at the window before placing an order, the Croissant immediately taken to the seat and pulled apart with layers crackling and crumbs raining down, the interior buttery and soft with arching caverns of lamination.


Enjoying Bread and Butter for the second time that morning, the housemade Rye as good as any in town and all the better with Danish Butter so fresh that beads of water came to the surface as it was cut, fans of Comte will be glad to know Atelier September uses wheels aged for greater than 24-months, the crystals not yet forming but the flavor pleasant and nutty just as it was in the Granola atop Cows-Milk Yogurt topped in Sugar-preserved Squash and a light dusting of Matcha powder.

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