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The lost meals entries consist of meals that occurred at various times throughout 2012 which, for any number of reasons, escaped my documentation – some due to a cross country move and a new job, some due to the Los Angeles Kings run to the Stanley Cup, and some simply as a result of too much travel. Having enjoyed many of these meals with friends or family and with some of them amongst the year’s very best the reality is that with time my memory has deteriorated and as life moves forward I’ve realized there is little hope to ever “catch up” or document these experiences as well as I’d hope, yet in order to preserve them I present these pictures, notes, and thoughts on the experience.

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Sangria – Raspberry, Blueberry, Strawberry, and Burgundy – $6/glass

034 - The Shed (12)

Chips and Salsa – $5

034 - The Shed (15)

Cold Raspberry Soup – Fresh Red Raspberries, Rose Wine, Lime, Sour Cream – $5

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Enchilada and Taco Plate – One Rolled Blue Corn Enchilada filled with cheddar and onion, red chili and green chili. One soft blue corn taco filled with cheddar, onion, tomato, lettuce, baked chicken. Served with Posole and Pinto Beans plus a side of Garlic Bread – $12

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Lemon Souffle – $6

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Arriving in Santa Fe well before our late reservation at Geronimo but with most of the local galleries and shops already closed for the day the decision was made to pop in at The Shed, a local favorite of tourists and locals alike, and reprimanded to sitting at the bar even though the restaurant never reached quarter capacity during our sixty minute visit we made the best of it, chatting with a friendly young bartender named Devon and a couple next to us while we waited. Clearly as well regarded for its alcohol, vibe, and décor as for the food we started things off with robust yet fruity Sangria to pair with fresh chips and salsa being made to order as we browsed a menu of both typical and truly unique interpretations of Southwest cuisine.

034 - The Shed (24)

Bearing in mind our dinner plans and opting to order lightly and share; the raspberry soup a definite highlight that was strongly recommended by Devon, and the Enchilada and Taco plate an impressive portion of very well prepared classics for a mere $12. Fairing less well, largely because it was overcooked and underflavored, the soufflé seemed an odd option for a Southwestern restaurant and were I to return I’d instead try some of the other savories and go with the Raspberry Soup for dessert.

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