Alchemist, Copenhagen DK



DSC02475 DSC02476

Champagne Doyard Cuvee Vendemiaire


Frozen – Lemon Granita, Wood Ants, Elderflower

DSC02480 DSC02481 DSC02483

Cherry – Liquid and Candy

DSC02484 DSC02486 DSC02485

Tomato Chips and Chipotle – Edible Bag and Chili-Mayo


Ashtray – Smashed Potatoes, Glazed Onion, Roasted Bacon


Pea Pie – Mustard Seed, Lavender, Mint


Lemon Cocktail – Geranium Gin, Hay Oil

DSC02500 DSC02498 DSC02499

Razor Clam and Lemon – Italian Caviar, Rapeseed Oil


Oyster and Comte – 36 month, Lardo


Scallops and Miso – Foie Gras, Ginger, Truffles

DSC02508 DSC02507 DSC02510

King Crab and Elderflower – 5-year Katsubushi, Dashi

DSC02511 DSC02514 DSC02515

Lobster Salad and Brioche – Freeze-dried Coral ‘shell,’ Lemon Gel

DSC02516 DSC02518

Lime and Chili – Tequila, Oak

DSC02520 DSC02522

Nori Seaweed and Black Cod – Sour Cream, Soy and Caviar

DSC02523 DSC02527

Goldfish and Fish Feed – Dried and Salted Fish with Cornichons and Capers, Langoustine Flakes


Unagi Burger – Fresh Wasabi, Dehydrated Oysters

DSC02534 DSC02537 DSC02535

Turbot and BBQ – Edible Bones

DSC02539 DSC02540

Fish Fume and Parsley – Blue Mussels, Butter

DSC02545 DSC02548 DSC02547

Foie Gras and Corn – Spanish Organic Goose Liver, Mushrooms, Pearl Barley

DSC02549 DSC02551 DSC02552

Lamb Brain and Worms – Onion Paper and Ants

DSC02553 DSC02555 DSC02559

Lamb Heart and Blood – Mustard, Cognac, Cherries and an Organ Donors Card

DSC02562 DSC02563 DSC02565

Cow’s Udder – “Caesar Salad” with Anchovy, Crispy Chicken Skin and Capers


Roasted Nuts – Rooster Testicles, Lime, Peanuts

DSC02572 DSC02573

Laksa Soup – Mushrooms, Curry, Peanuts

DSC02574 DSC02576 DSC02577

Mini Bao – Pickles, Cashews, Pork Neck

DSC02578 DSC02580 DSC02581

Chicken Feet and Danoise – Mint, Cucumber

DSC02582 DSC02583 DSC02585

Hyogo Kobe and Ponzu – A5 Grade 10

DSC02587 DSC02589 DSC02588

Pigtail and Teriyaki – Yakatori Grill

DSC02591 DSC02592 DSC02593

Tom Yum and Wood Lice


Joselito 2006 Pork Sandwich and Beverly Hills 90210 – Brioche, Truffle Butter, Bufala Mozzarella

DSC02597 DSC02598 DSC02599

Brie de Meaux x3 – Frozen Sphere, Hot Liquid Center, Honey, Black Currant

DSC02602 DSC02600 DSC02601

Gamle Ole – Goat Cheesecake

DSC02603 DSC02604 DSC02606

Basajo Mikkel Friis Holm – Vanilla, Pop Rocks, Blue 61

DSC02607 DSC02608 DSC02609

Kakigori Kobenhavnerstang – Shave Ice, Passionfruit, Pineapple, Milk


Rhubarb and Cream

DSC02615 DSC02613 DSC02616

Vanilla and Olive


Caramel in three Versions

DSC02618 DSC02621 DSC02622

The Painting – Yuzu, Blood Orange, Lychee, Blueberry


Double Espresso

DSC02624 DSC02625 DSC02626

Turtles – Chocolate, Rum, Caramel / Earthworms – Wine Gum, Sour

DSC02627 DSC02630 DSC02631

Mango Cornet – Lemon Ants / Donuts Mikkel Friis Holm

DSC02633 DSC02634 DSC02635

Buttermilk Pancake – Anti-Griddle Crepe, Peanuts, Orange, Grand Marnier


Located in Northern Østerbro, a fifteen seat counter said to be producing some of the most innovative food in the world at this time, Alchemist is as much a social commentary as it is a restaurant and on July 5th 2017 Chef Rasmus Munk went above and beyond to exceed expectations and serve his 45-course menu for just one guest when the online reservation system allowed a lone diner to book on the day before the Chef and his staff were to go on holiday.


Anything but a ‘typical’ restaurant, particularly in a part of the world where a singular vision based on The New Nordic Kitchen Manifesto has flooded the dining scene with locavore fanaticism and minimally manipulated ingredients from names like Redzepi and Puglisi, Alchemist looks to instead build a rapport with its guests by way of an immersive universe built around the music, décor and stories behind each dish, the 26 year old Chef challenging diners to explore ideas of what is edible and how dining relates to personal beliefs and memories.


Undoubtedly a well-traveled young man, his interest in cooking actually blossoming fairly late but already with trips to Japan and time at Michelin 3* Geranium and Bray’s Fat Duck helping to shape his skills, dinner at Alchemist is presented as a series of eight ‘acts’ with 5-6 items each, the squeamish quickly made aware of the Chef’s intentions by Lemon Granita topped in Wood Ants and Elderflower following a glass of Champagne, some modernist flourishes quick to follow with a one-bite liquid-centered Cherry and a Tomato on its stem with Chipotle Mayo Cream and an edible bag of Spices.


Presented in a manner that frequently seems intended to overwhelm, the time between plates easily calibrated to diners’ preferences when all but one seat sat empty as a brooding electric violin played on, it was in between conversation with a lone female server that plate after plate arrived, the “Ashtray” of Smashed Potatoes, Glazed Onions and Roasted Bacon a tribute to Munk’s Grandmother who died of lung cancer while freshly shucked Peas anchored a tiny Tart perfumed by Mustard Seed, Lavender, Mint.


Transitioning Acts by way of a Cocktail, those with a low Alcohol tolerance well advised to show restraint, it with pursed lips that a sour Gin-based Cocktail was sipped from inside a whole frozen Lemon, a perfect segue to Razor Clam Crudo with Citrus and Caviar that Munk warns guests *does not feature* an edible shell “since Chef Kofoed would kick my ass,” follow-ups of an Oyster in Comte Foam and a freshly shucked Scallop with Duck Liver and preserved Truffles both rich and luxurious, as was ‘dancing’ Katsubushi on King Crab and spreadable Lobster Salad inside a ‘shell’ made of freeze-dried Lobster Coral.

DSC02542 DSC02541

Telling some amusing stories about a trip to Mexico where little was remembered but the Tequila as she poured flavors of spice and sour from a Dia de los Muertos decanter, act three would feature more pescetarian choices starting with a Cone of Caviar atop raw Black Cod, the oft photographed “Life or Death” dish giving diners the choice to senselessly sacrifice a Goldfish or give it some feed as they enjoyed a briny bite, the Unagi Burger with Fresh Wasabi and dried Oysters an absolute umami-bomb preceding Barbeque Turbot with bones made edible.


Warned not to take the Fish Fume in “one gulp,” a creamy potage which explores variations in temperature far larger in portion than it appears, act four was promised to be a ‘challenge’ for many, Chef Munk explaining sustainable Foie Gras farming in Spain before asking guests to indulge gavage-style in Goose Liver Mousse with the ingredients typically used to fatten the fowl, a cleaned skull of Lamb next unveiling a surprise of Maggots and Ants as diners cracked through the Occipital Bone, the flavor mostly salty before things really got strange with a full frozen Heart unveiled from a Dry-Ice Organ Donors box, the chilly Tartare sprayed with ‘blood’ from an IV Bag as the server handed out an Organ Donation card to help increase awareness of Denmark’s ‘opt-in’ induced need.


Next taking on the idea of food waste by way of ‘cheese’ made from Cow’s Udder atop the flavors of a Caesar Salad, Rooster Testicles to follow with Lime and Peanuts grilled Tableside, it was with a fairly straightforward Laksa Soup that nutty flavors were bridged into a tiny Steam Bun topped in Pickles, Cashews and Pork Neck, the Asian theme continued by way of Chicken Feet made entirely edible by way of chemistry, freeze drying and deep frying.


Showing off some quality sourcing with drapes of A5 Hyogo Kobe before progressing into messy Pigtails topped in Teriyaki fresh from the Yakatori Grill it was once again here that Munk decided to remind diners to question their preconceptions, five Pill Bugs sacrificed to flavor Tom Yum Soup before rolling into a four-part Cheese Course including the Chef’s favorite after-school Snack paired to the intro from Beverly Hills 90210.


Clearly a fan of Japanese ideas, the next day’s trip destined for Tokyo, it was with a traditional Ice Shaver that Rasmus next produced a palate cleanser to transition palates sweet, the Danish Kobenhavnerstang not particularly cloying thanks to Milk mellowing Passion Fruit and a nice lead-in to Rhubarb beneath powdered Cream, sheets of compressed Vanilla in good Olive Oil and a delicate sandwich made entirely of Caramel.


Having all sorts of fun with “The Painting,” an edible canvas that guests are asked to paint in fruit flavors before enjoying, it was here that Coffee refreshed the palate en route to the meal’s conclusion, a carried ‘Food Truck’ bearing a cone of Mango with Ants following up Chocolate Turtles and a very realistic appearing Gummy Earthworm before finishing strong with a dainty Donut and Frozen Buttermilk Pancakes brought to room temperature by flaming Grand Marnier.

Truly an outstanding experience, the fact that Chef Munk honored a reservation he never had to speaking volumes about the character of a young man who seems poised for big things, it should seem fairly obvious that Alchemist is ‘not for everyone,’ but for those entering with an open mind the rewards are myriad and a reminder that “modernist cuisine” can still be truly breathtaking when placed in the hands of someone working with skill and passion.

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