Daniel Berlin Krog, Skåne-Tranås SE


Daniel Berlin Krog

DSC02716 DSC02715 DSC02717

Quail Egg, Lardo, Speck, Garden Herbs

DSC02719 DSC02720 DSC02721

Wheat, Broccoli Tarragon Cream

DSC02724 DSC02722 DSC02723

Yeast Pancake, Pork Belly, Apple Chip, Watercress, Plum Cream

DSC02727 DSC02725 DSC02726

Bird Liver Mousse, Chestnut Flour, Anise, Cinnamon

DSC02728 DSC02729 DSC02730

Zucchini with Salted Pumpkin Seeds, Radish, Turnip, Unripe Strawberries, Watercress-Sorrel Sorbet, Sour Cream with Elderflower

DSC02731 DSC02732 DSC02733

Honey Wheat Bread, Cow and Goat Butters from a nearby Farm

DSC02736 DSC02734 DSC02737

Mackerel, Peas, Parsley Emulsion, Toasted Barley, Gooseberries

DSC02739 DSC02738 DSC02740

Cucumbers, Raw Shrimp, Pressed Rhubarb, Roasted Buckwheat, Seaweed-Dill Oil

DSC02742 DSC02744 DSC02743

Cod, Birch, Butter, Broad Beans

DSC02748 DSC02747 DSC02749

Chanterelles, Egg Yolk, Cauliflower, Rooster Skin

DSC02751 DSC02750 DSC02752

Halibut Loin and Back, Pointy Cabbage, Bone Marrow

DSC02757 DSC02755 DSC02756

Lamb Neck, Loin, Brisket, Summer Onion, Meadowsweet

DSC02758 DSC02761 DSC02759

10 day and 3 month Local Goat’s Milk Cheese, Rhubarb, Apples, Blueberries, Apple Bread, Fennel Cake, Cumin Crisp

DSC02765 DSC02766 DSC02764

Colostrum, Ewe’s Milk, Lemon Verbena, Honey-Spelt Crisp, Frozen Buttermilk


Berry Sorbet


Located in Skåne-Tranås Sweden, about 2.5 hours from Copenhagen by way of Train and Bus for those who plan the route in advance, Daniel Berlin Krog is one of those out-of-the way places known about by those who travel to dine that has recently gained attention in the popular media, the young Chef operating his restaurant and inn without compromise and surrounded by family.

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Taking locavorism to a new level ever since departing Malmo to open something more intimate in 2009, the eponymous restaurant inside a pale yellow house sourcing nearly 3/4 of its ingredients from the Chef’s own yard or garden with the rest coming from within 3 miles, it was on foot from the Bus Stop that guests approached the space just a few hundred meters away, Berlin himself standing out in the middle of the street with a broad smile saying “Welcome, I presume you’re looking for me?” before leading each one to an outdoor patio which was finally warm enough to seat diners for the very first time in 2017.


At this point a fairly difficult reservation at either lunch or dinner, the online system on his site clearly stating when certain dates will become available and usually booked to capacity for ~3 month blocks within a few hours several months in advance, diners joining Berlin at lunch are promised a seven-course Chef’s tasting that is doubled by way of canapés, amuses and mignardises, dietary preferences welcomed and usually able to be accounted for as the restaurant reaches out to inquire by e-mail nearly 48 hours in advance.


In many ways not unlike other great Nordic restaurants in terms of its focus on foraging and preservation, but perhaps even more focused than noma or kadeau in terms of its chef’s fanaticism for terroir, lunch at the small table shaded by a tent began with a gently poached Quail Egg wrapped in two types of housemade Charcuterie and topped with Herbs from the garden, a creamy single bite flooding the mouth with flavor with bite number two similar yet different, a crispy ring of Wheat damming in a flood of Tarragon Cream topped with tiny snips of the garden’s very first Broccoli.


Having now received enough recognition to support other members of the community, Hogs “raised just up the road” and Butter “from a farm just a mile that way ::pointing::” featured in courses to follow, dish three saw confit Pork Belly served as a Jam atop a leavened Pancake also topped in preserved Plums, compressed apple and Cress, the liver of a Pigeon shot on-property just a few days prior following in the form of a creamy twig coated in bold spices and Chestnut Flour.


Next showing off the breadth of his garden by way of crudités served on a large block of ice, the tangle of shaved Zucchini and salted Pumpkin Seeds a very memorable bite despite the apparent simplicity of just two ingredients, Bread at Daniel Berlin is also special in that the stone-ground Wheat is enhanced by the skins of Vegetables roasted and folded into the batter while the Butter comes in two forms, both good but the Goat version particularly funky and impressive enough that one may want a second loaf as an excuse to finish every last bit of it.


Eschewing any desire to source luxury ingredients like Caviar, Foie Gras or exotic fishes, Berlin instead finding his muse in local streams and fields where he and his team hunt, fish and pick, course one of the proper menu featured thin slices of Mackerel served in a spiral atop fresh Peas and a fragrant Green Broth, the Cucumbers to follow taking on a similar form with Raw Shrimp in an acidic bath of Rhubarb floating Dill Oil.


Transitioning from cold to warm with course three, everything eating very light and clean with a focus on the subtle interplay between flesh and Herbs, Dayboat Cod was presented as an inch thick disc filling the bottom of a bowl with a level pour of foamy Birch Butter and crunchy Broad Beans, the Flower Petals adding a bitterness that bridged well to a dish of Cauliflower Soup thickened with Egg Yolk and Mushrooms with cracklins’ made of Rooster Skin.


Truly a lovely setting, the service professional but friendly and the gentle breeze enough to almost lull one to sleep between courses, a filet of Halibut was next presented to diners between grilled Cabbage and meaty pieces off the Fish’s back cooked in Bone Marrow, a three-piece discovery of locally raised Lamb following alongside a gently cooked Onion rounding out savories en route to a truly exemplary Cheese Course offering the same Goat’s Milk aged for 10 day and 3 months alongside three types of Bread and a trio of Jams and Jellies.


Declining Coffee or Tea, the likelihood of either being ‘local’ fairly low anyhow, it was with two Desserts that the two and a half hour experience came to a finish, the bowl of Cow’s Colostrum, fresh Sheep’s Milk and Frozen Buttermilk a beautiful composition with just a touch of Citrus while the Berry Sorbet translated in any language as the pure essence of summer.


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