[lost meals] Whoos Donuts and Cafe Pasqual’s, Santa Fe NM

036 - Whoos Donuts (14)

The lost meals entries consist of meals that occurred at various times throughout 2012 which, for any number of reasons, escaped my documentation – some due to a cross country move and a new job, some due to the Los Angeles Kings run to the Stanley Cup, and some simply as a result of too much travel. Having enjoyed many of these meals with friends or family and with some of them amongst the year’s very best the reality is that with time my memory has deteriorated and as life moves forward I’ve realized there is little hope to ever “catch up” or document these experiences as well as I’d hope, yet in order to preserve them I present these pictures, notes, and thoughts on the experience.

036 - Whoos Donuts (4)

Whoos Donuts

036 - Whoos Donuts (13) 036 - Whoos Donuts (9)

Smores, White Chocolate Pistachio, Berry Vanilla, Cherry Coconut, Plain Glazed, Maple Bacon Bar, Blueberry Filled with Cherry Glaze, Chocolate Peanut, Chocolate Ganache, Boston Cream, Toffee Chip, Brown Butter Bar.

037 - Cafe Pasqual (3)037 - Cafe Pasqual (2)

Café Pasqual’s

037 - Cafe Pasqual (10) 037 - Cafe Pasqual (11)


037 - Cafe Pasqual (12)


4 037 - Cafe Pasqual (17)

Maga’s Cheese Blintzes – 3 home made blintzes, golden from the skillet, strawberry jam and sour cream

037 - Cafe Pasqual (19) 037 - Cafe Pasqual (21) 037 - Cafe Pasqual (24) 037 - Cafe Pasqual (25)

Griddled Polenta with Sauteed Chorizo, Corn, Red Chile – Chile Flecked Fried Polenta in a pool of red chile sauce, piled with house chorizo, roasted corn nibblets, 2 eggs your way.

036 - Whoos Donuts (1)

Embarking on an early morning run around Santa Fe and the Railyard Park while my mother slept in I was surprised to spot Whoos Donuts even though it was on my agenda; I actually had no idea it was so close to our hotel and although we had later breakfast plans at Café Pasqual I was glad to stop in beforehand to gather a few snacks…or a full dozen (hey, don’t judge, it’s 10% off!) and after speaking with the owner/manager Jeff as cheesy 80s tunes played overhead I made my way to the car and dug right in as we drove to Pasqual’s – a good choice not only because the downtown fourth of July traffic was ridiculous and not only because Pasqual’s would turn out to be an utter disappointment, but because Whoo’s Donuts are really quite excellent.

036 - Whoos Donuts (17) 4

Featuring a wide variety of options ranging from Classic to Filled & Fancy to Decadent and options both yeast raised and cake nearly every option we ordered at Whoos that morning was still warm in the box and although my personal leanings generally tend toward cake it was actually the trio of filled yeasted options at Whoos that wowed the most – the smores with an interior tasting identical to a toasted marshmallow, the Blueberry filled without a hint of high fructose corn syrup but instead the flavor of pure blueberry jam, and the Boston Cream a spot on interpretation of the classic cake/pie with both custard and cream beneath a dense chocolate ganache. With some eaten for breakfast, some en route to Phoenix, and others surviving to the following morning you’d be hard pressed to find a better “all around” donut shop than Whoos – though my own personal biases would love to see their take on an apple fritter should I ever return.

4 037 - Cafe Pasqual (27) 037 - Cafe Pasqual (6) 037 - Cafe Pasqual (5)

Moving on to the Beard Awarded Café Pasqual’s, perhaps Santa Fe’s most well-known restaurant, for a proper breakfast before completing the final leg of our trip I’d personally like to think that my disappointment with the meal was due to overinflated expectations or ordering incorrectly but in reality the fact of the matter is that Café Pasqual’s simply does not execute at the level of a restaurant so well regarded. Beginning first with average coffee served luke warm and paired with an overcooked and gummy canele before progressing to eggs so over-poached that I sent them back to the kitchen there really was not much to like about Pasqual aside from the décor and perhaps the crispy golden blintzes – though I certainly won’t tolerate being packed into such a small space to pay $14 for them ever again.

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