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Big B’s Texas BBQ

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Babyback Ribs




Macaroni and Cheese


Pasta Salad with Peppers and Onions


Potato Salad






Pulled Pork


BBQ Beans


Pickles, Onions and Peppers, White Bread

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Fatty Brisket

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Jumbo Beef Rib


Lean Brisket


Creamed Corn


Hand Cut Fries

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Lemon Cake

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Chocolate Cake

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Pecan Pie


Now representing the Lone Star State for more than 18 months in Henderson, a hand-built labor of love from owners Natalia Badzjo and Brian Buechner, Big B’s Texas BBQ has promised to bring proper Texas-style ‘Cue to the 702 from the very beginning and with some time now on the smoker and recipes dialed in to compensate for dry weather the product has ascended to a level not far from Little Miss BBQ down in Phoenix for best in the Southwest.


Located at 3019 St Rose Parkway, the nearby area full of hospitals and shopping plazas creating a built-in lunch crowd for the sizable space full of handmade picnic tables and cords of wood that the couple drives in from Texas quarterly, it was just past 1:30pm on Saturday that the first visit in over a year was paid to a place where authenticity means using no fillers, injections or preservatives, the Meats all sourced from good purveyors and simply rubbed down before cooking with Salt, Pepper, Paprika and Celery Seed.


Greeted by Natalia once again, Big B himself arriving later after one of the restaurant’s growing number of catering gigs, it was with deference to the kitchen as to what was fresh that nearly every Meat and side was tasted, the Tri-Tip, Turkey and Lean Brisket all targeting health-conscious consumers and performing better than one might ever have guessed with plenty of moisture and a good smoke-ring building up both along the edges and deep into the flesh.


Enjoying trays as they were presented, the youngster in the group quite taken by Baby Back Ribs that pull straight from the Bone with fat rendered into a slightly caramelized ‘skin,’ those fancying sauce on their Meats will be happy to know that Big B’s makes three-styles daily, the standard BBQ less sweet than those found elsewhere in town with a good bit of smoke while the Extra Hot features Ghost Peppers for some extra kick, the Carolina Sauce not tasted due to a personal aversion to Mustard.


Speaking of Mustard, fans the flavor are encouraged to check out Big B’s housemade Potato Salad that takes a decidedly German approach while those looking for something a little lighter will be well-served by creamy Coleslaw or vegetal Pasta Salad, the Mac n’ Cheese unfortunately in need of a bit of Salt while the BBQ Beans with bits of Meat, Hand-cut Fries and Creamed Corn are all textbook backyard Barbeque sides.


Doing right by offering Pickles, Peppers, Raw Onions and White Bread, all ubiquitous and complimentary with smoked Meat throughout the South, those familiar with Austin or Dallas will realize no one really goes there for Pulled Pork and although Big B’s is better than most found in the area the real money is in their reference-standard Smoked Chicken, Beef Rib and Fatty Brisket, the former moist and tender with or without Skin while the later each achieve a good char and great texture, though the thick bark of the Brisket is trimmed in the kitchen unless specifically requested otherwise.


Offering a Coke Re-Mix machine, bottles and taps of Beer including Shiner Bock and Sweet or Unsweetened Tea depending on one’s preference, those craving Big B’s Peach Cobbler will unfortunately find it temporarily retired and replaced by Pies and Cakes from Great Buns Bakery, each $3.99 wedge served in a generous portion and constructed to Big B’s specifications with the Pecan Pie quite sweet thanks to a thick jam layer while both Lemon and Chocolate Cake are far more subtle with good density and proper balance between the spongy base and drizzled Frosting.

FOUR AND A HALF STARS: In many ways benefitted by the “Big Fish in a Small Pond” phenomenon, Las Vegas’ Barbeque scene notoriously bad for years and only now beginning to show some signs of life, Big B’s nonetheless typifies doing things right, the Texas-standards all on-point while less commonly offered Meats and Sides are all equally worth seeking out in an environment that is warm and welcoming.

RECOMMENDED: Jumbo Beef Rib, Fatty Brisket, Turkey, Pasta Salad, Creamed Corn, Lemon Cake.

AVOID: Macaroni and Cheese is done better elsewhere while the Pecan Pie is more like that found in Georgia than ‘Texas Style’ where the Corn Syrup-base is thinner with Nuts layered and penetrating deeper.

TIP: Offering Catering gigs, either via traveling smoker or by delivery, those interested should contact the restaurant for a variety of packages suitable for any budget.

WHAT THE STARS MEAN: 5 World Class, 4 Excellent, 3 Good, 2 Fair, 1 Poor.

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