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The Patio Desserts & Drinks


Caramel Macchiato


Jar of Milk

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Thai Tea Cake with Cream Sauce

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Matcha Red Bean Cake with Blackberry Sauce

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Young Coconut Cake with Fresh Coconut Cream

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Sweet Corn Hong Kong Waffle with Corn Berry Swirl Ice Cream and Fresh Fruit

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Honey Toast with Toasted Strawberry Ice Cream and Fresh Fruit


Recently married, a child on the way, some fresh ink and selling off two successful Thai Restaurants to open up a cute Asian Dessert shop in a fairly unappealing strip-mall off South Decatur Boulevard one might think Bank Atcharawan is going through a premature mid-life crisis, but entering the elegant space titled “The Patio Desserts & Drinks” on Friday evening it seems the 37 year old may be onto something; his family close, the place packed as the clock approached 9pm and everyone smiling.


Just about to celebrate its four month anniversary, the opening menu thus far minimally modified and well-received by guests including several who have quickly become regulars, The Patio officially resides in Suite 107 of 5255 South Decatur Boulevard at the corner of Hacienda and although neighbors including Broken Dagger and a package liquor store may make the area seem a bit sketchy those lucky enough to pass through its doors are welcomed to a sort of oasis, a porch swing up front and ‘living’ wall behind the counter making the confines feel quite cozy – the sort of place where one might want to sit down and stay for a while.


Never one to cut corners, the build-out proudly displayed via social media ever since the lease was signed and everything save for the Bread used to construct Honey Toast made on site, it was mere moments after entering The Patio that three guests were welcomed by Bank’s wife Pimmie and seated at a comfortable wood four-top the menu was quickly navigated, the hardest choice what *not* to order and the eventual line-up entailing five Desserts and two drinks at an all-in cost of $55.


Open from noon till 1am Wednesday through Sunday, the crowd on this particular evening predominantly Asian with many stopping by after dinner at nearby Goyemon, it was not long after ordering that a mason-jar of Whole Milk and a smooth Caramel Macchiato arrived with a great foam plus a little bit of latte art, the Desserts requested to be served all at once as two of the five items were made-to-order.


Sitting below suspended plants, the soundtrack light and unobtrusive to allow for pleasant conversation with enough separation from the kitchen so that noise from the ovens and Espresso machine can barely be heard, it was after perhaps ten minutes that Mrs. Atcharawan and an elderly man approached with hands full, each item beautifully displayed on branded wood-boards and first bites of a Bubble Waffle studded with Sweet Corn far more impressive than that at CreamBerry a week prior, the exterior presenting a light crackle followed by warmth and sweetness while the housemade Corn Berry Swirl Ice Cream reminded me of Jeni’s award winning classic with a only slightly less smoothness.


Next tasting a few bites of Toasted Strawberry Ice Cream before dressing the Honey Toast, light bitter notes putting a unique spin on fresh Fruit flavors that work particularly well once all the Honey has soaked into the crispy block of Bread beneath, it was as those flavors marinated that three slices of cake were tasted, the Young Coconut unfortunately a bit too mild and thus coming across as little more than White Cake while both the Matcha-Red Bean and Thai Tea wedges were moist and well balanced, the former gaining a lot when drizzled in sour Blackberry Puree while the later was ideal as served with the light tang of Tamarind and prominent fragrance of Star Anise.


FOUR AND A HALF STARS: Not trying to compete with Sweets Raku or Suzuya in terms of artistry, but far outperforming the likes of CreamBerry, Is Sweet or Café Darak in terms of effort and execution, The Patio Desserts & Drinks is the sort of place worth stopping by for those in the area and one worth seeking out for those looking for something sweet late at night, the menu well-culled as opposed to being ‘everything for everybody’ and all the better for it.

RECOMMENDED: Specialty Hong Kong Waffle, Thai Tea Cake, Toasted Strawberry Ice Cream.


AVOID: Young Coconut Cake. $2.99 for 12oz of Non-Organic Milk is also sort of steep.

TIP: Wednesday- Sunday 12pm – 1am, @thepatiodnd on Social Media.


WHAT THE STARS MEAN: 5 World Class, 4 Excellent, 3 Good, 2 Fair, 1 Poor.

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