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Alfredo’s Patisserie

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Rum Almond Croissant

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Raspberry Filled Sugar Cookie

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Chocolate Filled Chocolate Chip Cookie

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Peanut Butter Filled Chocolate Cookie

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Red Velvet Whoopie Pie

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Chocolate Chip Scone

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Cinnamon Coffee Cake

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Tres Leches Cup

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Key Lime Tart

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Pecan Tart


If one were to simply pass by the space at 3650 South Jones Boulevard Suite 4 without paying attention they very well may assume nothing has changed in the past twenty-four months, the “Bakery” advertised on street signs present and accounted for, but for those who keep an eye on such things the reality is that Alfredo’s Patisserie is the third such concept to inhabit the space in that time, and the first that seems poised to make a real go at it.


Owned by Alfredo Rueda, a lifelong resident of Las Vegas with stints in several well-regarded kitchens throughout his career, Alfredo’s Patisserie officially opened in May and has been slow out the gates thanks to a combination of location and almost no Social Media presence despite a fairly impressive display of housemade Cakes, Cookies, Scones and Savories each at prices at about 1/2 of what one might pay elsewhere on-Strip or off.


Citing his mother as an early influence, training in vocational school and at CSN keeping him close before joining the teams at several MGM Properties where he worked alongside the corporate Pastry team honing his skills on large volume items with good eye appeal, Alfredo’s Pastry succeeds out the gates where Chantily’s and the quickly shuttered shop supposedly owned by Wynn’s Flora Aghababyan failed by presenting items so that guests immediately feel bewildered by choices, the service from a young Hispanic woman pleasant and informative though most items are labeled and fairly self-explanatory.


Open from 9am until 6pm weekdays, the bulk of the menu offered throughout the day including Tamales, Quiche and a few made-to-order choices including a Croque Madame, those visiting Alfredo’s thus far will see beverage choices limited to bottled Juices, Water and Cans of Coke as the Shop’s Espresso Machine has not arrived and with only one two-top available the space is currently best-suited for grab n’ go only, a total of ten items on this particular visit tallying just $21.25.


Picking up the Pastries during work hours and enjoying them at the office, each item only slightly more expensive than the average local grocery store and far better in terms of display as well as taste, it was with bites of the Rum-Almond Croissant that things got started, the interior a little moist but thankfully not with Frangipane after teeth crackled through the top to perfume the palate with a light hint of booze, the follow-up trio of Cookies all very impressive and just $1.25 for three-bites each, the texture of the Dark Chocolate Ganache stuffed inside a soft Chocolate Chip pocket silky smooth with the quality surprisingly quite high.


Passing on the Macarons, though at 99-cents each they all appeared to be much higher quality than those peddled for similar at Manon or Whole Foods, it was in a single bite that the two-Quarter Whoopie Pie was devoured, the Cake smooth and moist around Cream Filling while the Chocolate Chip Scone for $1.75 was an absolute steal, though certainly not fitting the British Standard as it was slathered with Glaze and thus neither subtly sweet nor dry.

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Further impressed by the Coffee Cake, essentially a $2 Muffin with Cinnamon Chips on top and a delicate base rife with Butter and Spices, those looking for the best of the best at Alfredo’s would be well advised to invest $3 each in the Key Lime and Pecan Tarts and $2 in the Tres Leches Cup, the buttery shells supporting spot-on renditions of Florida and Georgia’s best Pies sized for one each on-par with Sin City’s best while the Cup goes Whipped Cream to sopping wet Cake to a Flan-like Base with each deep spoonful yielding something a little different.


FOUR STARS: Stripped down and bare with no social media stream, online Chef’s presence or advertising one can only assume that Alfredo’s will inevitably suffer the same fate as its predecessors, but ideally if locals catch on the Spring Mountain/South Jones intersection could finally have something sweet to go with all the places for Noodles and Pho at a price point that is on par with what most diners consider to be acceptable for the area.

RECOMMENDED: Tres Leches, Pecan Tart, Key Lime Tart, Filled Chocolate Chip Cookie, Cinnamon Coffee Cake.

AVOID: The Scone is super sweet and the Almond Croissant is too wet.  Apparently closed on weekends, so avoid visiting then as well.

TIP: A bit tucked away, look for “BAKERY” on Signage on the East Side of South Jones near Pho 87.

WHAT THE STARS MEAN: 5 World Class, 4 Excellent, 3 Good, 2 Fair, 1 Poor.

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