La Pubilla, Barcelona ES


La Pubilla

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Warm Bread

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House Charcuterie, Pan con Tomate

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Botifarra Negra, Fried Eggs

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Cod, Spinach, Pine Nuts


Unfortunately finding Can Ros closed for a two-week vacation, parking already paid for no doubt making it more opportune to grab something nearby than to walk for more highly regarded food, it was setting aside convenience that two guests made the fifteen minute trek on foot to La Pubilla for Breakfast on the first morning in Barcelona.


Said by many to be one of the best restaurants for casual Catalan cooking in the city, a location on Plaça de la Llibertat making the Restaurant a locals-only sort of place with no Spanish or English menus furthering that point, it was just past 09h00 that a seat was found inside the cozy confines and thanks to a one bilingual server it was not long before an order was placed, the menu entirely savory and offered six days a week from 08h30 until Midnight.


Visiting during an early hour filled with deliveries, the Beverage distributor creating quite a bit of noise as he placed several bottles of Booze and Water in a small cupboard across the way, it was with one of those bottles as well as two bitter Americanos that the meal got started, a basket of warm Sourdough that looked to have been made in-house actually quite impressive with a great Crust for such a small place as was the Tomato and Olive Oil brushed Bread served with a collection of Charcuterie including two types of dried Sausage brought in from elsewhere plus three housemade varieties ranging from a spicy red Meat laced with Cartilage to some pretty funky Headcheese.


Priced much lower than almost anywhere in town for the portion sizes and quality, a plate of rich Blood Sausage and two fried Eggs only €6.50 with nothing on the menu over €10 it was after another ten minutes that a sizable filet of Cod was delivered alongside even more bread, the line-caught Fish meaty and supple atop a bed of Spinach, Olive Oil and toasty Pine Nuts.

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