Pastisseria Escriba, Barcelona ES


Pastisseria Escriba


Samples: Double Chocolate Cookie, Chocolate Chip Cookie

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Raspberry Croissant

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Caramelized Apple Empanada

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Paris Brest

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Chanel de Coco – Coconut Cream, Mango Jam

DSC05852 DSC05844 DSC05845

Ovellla – Torrone, White Chocolate, Praline


Featuring three locations and a lengthy history as one of Barcelona’s premier Pastry Shops it was only a matter of time before Pastisseria Escriba figured its way into travel plans, late Dessert before heading to Girona finding the shop at Carrer de les Floristes de la Rambla not too busy with shelves well-stocked and staff as informative as they were friendly.


Originally opened in 1906 and still a family-run enterprise, current owner Antoni Escriba and his team subscribing to the same philosophy as those before them with a focus on classic tastes with elegant designs to commemorate all occasions, it is even before guests poke their head through the doors of Escriba that most will realize this is not the average pastry shop, a current lineup of women’s high heels made entirely of Chocolate decorating the windows alongside Wedding Cakes and flowers in step with the season.


Offering everything from Cookies and Croissants to Wedding Cakes and elegant individual Pastries, a variety of items available for sample including two styles of tiny Biscuits that were fairly mundane near the register, it was passing over many tempting choices that the decision was made to split three small Desserts and two Viennoiserie, the Caramelized Apple Empanada unexpectedly warm considering the time of day and quite flaky with a good crunch, though overall it would have benefitted from a bit more Fruit inside.


Moving next to a Raspberry Croissant, the lamination still very obvious though the texture of the bottom had unfortunately been compromised by sweet red gel with a texture more like Pate de Fruit than actual Jam, it was after a young woman presented to add warm Sauce to both the Tire and the Sheep that the rest of the goods were tasted, a branded half-Coconut filled with Dark Chocolate, Coconut Cream and Mango Jam resembling an Egg’s Yolk clever and light while the Paris Brest’s Choux was crisp around Hazelnut Cream, though the highlight of the visit was undoubtedly “Ovellla” with its layers of Nougat, White Chocolate, Yellow Cake and caramelized Pecan Frosting.


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