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Iberico Sandwich

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Apple Cream Brioche

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Marzipan Walnut Croissant

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Orange Chocolate Walnut Éclair


Conveniently located on Carrer de les Caputxes, both the Cathedral of Barcelona as well as Basilica Santa Maria del Mar nearby and Museu Picasso only a few blocks away, it was just past 08h30 that two guests stopped in at bubó Bar for breakfast, nearby sister bubó considered by many to be one of the city’s more innovative spots for Tapas where owner and Chef Carles Mampel has been serving guests for over a dozen years.

Known predominantly as an award-winning pastry Chef in his early years, both bubó and the Bar next door opened when the Chef was just 37 and originally focused on glistening Macarons and beautiful Bon-Bons, it has been with time that Mampel has one both locals and tourists over with savories and although both the locations in Spain as well as those in Dubai and Tokyo remain predominantly sweet those looking for Charcuterie, a Sandwich or Tortilla Espanola topped with Meat, Cheese or Vegetables will certainly not be denied something good to eat.

Spending far more money of the mothership than the Bar, the latter a sort of afterthought with drab gray benches, blue walls and fairly uncomfortable stools, it was after perusing the menu that a middle-aged Indian gentleman took a four-part order, two Americanos served quickly along with three Pastries while Iberico Ham was gently toasted between two slices of thin and crusty Bread in the back.

Not exactly an expeditious sort of place, the lone staff-member having to run down to bubó for pricing verification on the Éclair before returning to report a computer upgrade would delay paying the bill by at least fifteen minutes, it was with Coffee slowly sipped that a first taste was taken of a glazed Croissant filled with ground Walnuts in Marzipan, the taste every bit as sweet as it sounds and a bit softer than would be expected while the Apple Cream Brioche eggy, soft and light with the Custard base playing well off three gently baked wedges of Fruit atop the pastry.


Typically not a fan of Orange and Chocolate, but told by the man behind the counter that the candied Rind was more ‘tangy’ than sweet, it was in fact in the Éclair that Chef Mampel’s best work was discovered, the €6 price-tag making the crisp Choux and Dark Chocolate by far the morning’s most expensive item though generally worth it, save for the additional ten minutes that it took for the computers to finally be up and running.


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