ARTiSA, Barcelona ES


Mocha Frappe

Iberico Baguette

Serrano Ham and Brie Croissant

Raspberry Croissant

Apple Streusel Square

Bread Pudding with Rum Syrup

Churros and Chocolate

Having now checked off several Pastry shops throughout the city and with a long drive back to Valencia following lunch it was after securing street parking near Las Ramblas that a party of two entered ARTiSA just past 08h30 on Saturday, a table fortunately opening up just as an order was placed and the tab was paid with a number provided and table-service soon to follow.

Considered by some to be one of Barcelona’s more tourist-friendly Brunches, the menu spanning several Spanish classics as well as American mainstays like Eggs, Sandwiches and simple Salads, ARTiSA originally opened in 2009 and quickly made a name for itself thanks to fast service and an accessible location, the in-house Bakery no doubt a focus and turning out more than thirty styles of Cookies, Cakes and Pastries daily.

Charging a bit more than other places due to their exclusive use of Organic Milk, Eggs, Produce and Flour, a non-GMO sign prominently posted next to the small Market inside for those who value such things, it was with all items delivered on a plastic tray that Breakfast began with two Sandwiches, the Ham and Brie Croissant one of many border-crossing dishes that fell flat largely because the Pastry itself had been rendered flaccid by re-heating while the crisp Baguette topped with Jamon Iberico faired far better thanks to both the quality of the Bread and the cured Meat.

Passing on Coffee from Illy while another enjoyed her hefty Mocha Frappe topped with a spiral of canned Whipped Cream it was with Sandwiches finished that Breakfast continued on to three baked goods plus a bag of lightly cooked Churros served with thin sipping Chocolate, the Raspberry Croissant not much better than its savory counterpart but thankfully quick to be forgotten in the wake of a delicious square of poached Apples, Butter and Cinnamon as well as the warmed-on-request eggy Bread Pudding with Raisins and boozy Caramel Syrup.

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