Swiss Donut, Palm Springs CA

Swiss Donut

Two Complimentary Glazed Holes

Apple Fritter

Glazed Old Fashioned

Glazed Buttermilk Bar

Maple Cruller

While most know Palm Springs California for its Native American past, mountainous terrain and outdoor recreational activities including hiking, golfing as well as heavy day drinking it was after a lengthy drive in the dark through Mojave National Preserve that sustenance was sought at Swiss Donut, an early arrival finding shelves stocked with several hot selections while both indoor and outdoor seating allowed for a pleasant vantage of the sun rising in the distance.

Locally owned and considered by many to be the be the best place for Donuts within city limits for several years, the relative lack of competition and friendly clerks earning a steady stream of traffic beginning at 6:15am with patrons often greeted by name and departing with a “see you tomorrow,” it was more than an hour after the store’s 5am opening that five dollars was exchanged for an order of four classics, the two complimentary Donut Holes showing a good base with fairly standard Glaze and yeastiness.

Located at 555 South Sunrise Way, a five minute car ride or twenty minutes by foot from the major tourist area assuring a strongly local clientele including the occasional post-party/pre-sleep reveler, it was as many came and went with orders as large as three-dozen that selections were enjoyed in the cool morning air, the Cruller light and eggy in contrast to the sweet Frosting while the Buttermilk Bar was slightly disappointing as the oil had not been given enough time to cook it through, thus resulting in a slightly doughy interior.

Completely old-school, no “cronuts” or novelties save for a jumbo Pecan Roll and a Maple Bar topped with a thin strip of Bacon, it was setting aside most of the Buttermilk Bar that the tasting progressed to a straight forward Old Fashioned with a creamy base and good tanginess followed by an Apple Fritter that was nothing short of textbook, the center soft with Fruit and Cinnamon while the rim was extra crisp without any residual oiliness.

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