Gelatology [9,] Las Vegas NV


Samples: Ube, Almond, Cheese & Crackers, Crème Brulee, Green Tea Kit Kat, Honey Comb, Crumble Apple Pie, Cookies ‘n Cream, Gino’s Double Coco Malted Milk Crunch

Small Honey Comb and Gino’s Double Coco Malted Milk Crunch

Small Green Tea Kit Kat + Small Cookies n’ Cream

With little more to be said about Desyree Alberganti’s Gelatology at this point, her eclectically flavored and silky smooth Gelato truly world-class, it was after lunch at Town Center that the car was steered onto South Rainbow for another fix, the charming owner present and greeting guests with smiles and hugs plus all the samples they can handle.

Still pending a move to Indiana but also striking deals locally that will see her confections sold both at Gelatology and other outlets, an exciting situation for those who live further North but surely no replacement for Chef Alberganti herself, it was while exchanging stories of recent events that samples of nearly the whole case of flavors were tasted, old favorites like Ube and Crème Brulee joined by the sweet and savory “Cheese & Crackers” or seasonal Crumble Apple Pie.

Eventually settling on three $4 small cups, two singles and a double, it was as others enjoyed the mellow flavors of Green Tea Kit Kat or sweet Cookies n’ Cream that bites of Honey Comb were followed by “Gino’s Double Coco Malted Milk Crunch,” the housemade base of each as cool and creamy as ever while textures were dialed up in each by crunchy bits.

FIVE STARS: Sure there is “rolled” Ice Cream and Fro-Yo and now “Nitro” Ice Cream but no matter how you mix it or match it none of these trendy places are doing what Gelatology does in terms of textures or flavors and whether Desyree herself is on-site or not it seems hard to assume that will change pending further notice.

RECOMMENDED: Ube, Honey Comb, Gino’s Double Coco Malted Milk Crunch…or, honestly, anything.


TIP: Still have to love the daily Instagram feed of flavors @gelatologylv.

WHAT THE STARS MEAN: 5 World Class, 4 Excellent, 3 Good, 2 Fair, 1 Poor.

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