Me Gusta Tacos, Las Vegas NV

Me Gusta Tacos

Pineapple-Basil Agua Fresca

Shredded Pollo Taco – Chicken Breast, Mild Cheddar, Pico de Gallo, Avocado

Barbacoa Taco – Slow Cooked Shredded Beef, Diced Onion, Cilantro

Korean Kalbi Taco – Marinated Korean Steak, Asian Cabbage Slaw, Tomatoes

California Burrito – Crunchy Tater Tots, Mild Cheddar, Carnitas, sub-Queso Fresco served with non-GMO Tortilla Chips

Caramel Churro

Now open for 19 months at The District at Green Valley Ranch and recently expanding westward to 7425 South Durango Drive just across the road from Glazier’s it was for lunch on Friday that a visit was made to Me Gusta Tacos, the clean and spacious build-out from a prior occupant giving the place a somewhat sterile feel that is quickly remedied by friendly service.

Best described as fusion, the ownership previously involved with Rachel’s Kitchen deciding to expand their fresh and healthy eating portfolio to Mexican food given an eastern twist, guests entering Me Gusta Tacos will immediately find themselves greeted by a pair of servers who offer to help first-timers navigate a menu divided into several sections with Tacos front and center, seven types of Meat plus a Vegetarian option made daily on site in addition to three styles of Salsa made “at least twice a day” depending on demand.

Joining the quick-casual movement that many diners seem to enjoy white keeping lights bright and offering both an “I love Tacos” mirror as well as wall signage for Instagrammers, it is after payment that patrons are given a number and offered the choice of high-tops or standard seating, a spot at the window overlooking the parking lot selected with food arriving in less than five minutes, a housemade Agua Fresca proving very clean and herbal without a lot of unnecessary sweetness.

Changing up beverages daily, though the best-selling Pineapple-Basil is apparently a mainstay, it was as baskets were delivered that squeeze bottles of Salsa were additionally offered, the flavors bold and descriptions of spice level entirely accurate despite the fact that labels were accidentally switched around with both the Roja and Verde compelling enough to warrant eating two accompanying orders of crispy Tortilla Chips.

Starting off three Tacos, a $9.50 value with Chips as each Taco is individually sold for $3.50 otherwise, it was in an attempt to sample as widely as possible that the tasting got started with shredded Pollo topped in Pico de Gallo, Cheddar and Avocado, the flavor of the Chicken unfortunately a little overwhelmed by the toppings though this certainly was not an issue for the spicy Barbacoa and tangy Kalbi with both cuts of Beef tender, moist and nicely accentuated by their condiments.

Equally intrigued by the Burritos as by the Tacos and Bowls, everything available in a healthy or Gluten-friendly version by way of simply removing the Tortilla, it was after some debate between Mission or California-style that the latter was selected, Queso Fresco subbed for Sour Cream making the housemade Tots stand out even more boldly in terms of texture while the slow-cooked pork was aromatic and succulent.

Rounding out the afternoon with one of three Churros, a version filled with Caramel selected over Bavarian Cream or traditional Cinnamon and Sugar for no particular reason, suffice it to say that those who’ve experienced Churros in Mexico City or Barcelona will likely be unimpressed by the texture as oil penetrates deep, thus making everything a bit too heavy, though the flavor itself is as sweet and decadent as the ingredients would make one suspect.

FOUR STARS: Not claiming to be “authentic” in any way, the focus instead on quality ingredients and preparations that can be adjusted to fit most dietary restrictions, Me Gusta Tacos offers another locally owned and healthy option for those seeking an affordable lunch or dinner option in the rapidly developing Southwest.

RECOMMENDED: California Burrito, Kalbi Taco, Barbacoa Taco.

AVOID: Pollo Taco was underwhelming and the Churro was a bit heavy handed, though it still tasted quite good.

TIP: Several Catering options are available, as are three styles of Breakfast Burritos, though the Restaurant does not open until 10:30am.

WHAT THE STARS MEAN: 5 World Class, 4 Excellent, 3 Good, 2 Fair, 1 Poor.

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