New York Bagel N Bakery [2,] Las Vegas NV

New York Bagel N Bakery

Chocolate Chip Brownie and Black & White Cookie Samples

French Toast Bagel with Cream Cheese

Assorted Italian Cookies

Coffee Cake


Already making a name for itself with ‘new’ locals, the Montesano’s family quickly picking up New York Bagel Bakery’s previous clientele and replacing dated signage, it was shortly after owner Steve Montesano posted pictures of Sfogliatella on the Restaurant’s Facebook page that a return visit was planned, a nine o’clock arrival on Friday finding he and his sister hard at work and steady foot traffic entering and exiting the space.

A subtle change in naming and décor, the space in Smith’s shopping plaza just a few doors down from Starbuck’s at the corner of Rancho and Decatur already a bit brighter and more polished than prior, it was once again moments after entering that each guest was greeted by big smiles and a thick New York accent, many just grabbing their Bagel and Coffee to go but some also taking the time to peruse the Pastry case.

Already convinced after one visit that the place “where love has a taste” has made its return, a lack of Meatballs and Pizza perhaps disappointing to some but the return of a good Italian Bakery to Las Vegas nonetheless quite significant, it was after chatting with staff that three to-go boxes were filled while a Bagel was sliced and ran through the toaster, everything about the dense round proving superior to most nearby with a thin skin and good chew plus a touch of Cinnamon and sweetness.

Taking the lot elsewhere after tasting samples of Brownies and Black & White Cookies, both enjoyed last visit and just $3, it was along with Coffee that five new Italian Cookies were tasted, the Jam Thumbprints with slices of Almond as well as the elongated crispy Coconut Cookies both standouts.

Attempting to hold the best for last, though a $5 Coffee Cake covered with Brown Sugar Streusel makes a strong case that it might actually be New York Bagel N Bakery’s most desirable creation by way of about a pound of Butter, it was after eating just about 1/3 of the Cake that Sfogliatella were unwrapped, the layers shattering to a gentle pull which reveals thick Citrus Cream not dissimilar to Cannoli filling, everything about these exactly as they *should* be, regardless of what proponents of the Whipped Cream “Lobster Tail” might think.

FOUR AND A HALF STARS: Slow to catch on with “Yelpers” or Social Media “Influencers,” a common problem in the era of food being designed for Instagram as opposed to deliciousness, suffice it to say that New York Bagel N Bakery is already making Italian Pastries comparable to what one might find in the oldschool shops of Boston and at a price far lower than what Buddy V’s or Carlo’s are charging on The Strip.

RECOMMENDED: Sfogliatella, Coffee Cake, Black & White Cookie, French Toast Bagel, Jam Thumbprints.


TIP: Fans looking for special orders or old favorites are encouraged to contact the Restaurant directly at (702) 258-7400.

WHAT THE STARS MEAN: 5 World Class, 4 Excellent, 3 Good, 2 Fair, 1 Poor.

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