Dee’s Donuts [2,] Las Vegas NV

Dee’s Donuts

Donut Holes with Glaze

Cake Donut with Chocolate Frosting

Buttermilk Bar with Chocolate Frosting

Cruller with Glaze

Cruller with Chocolate Frosting

Buttermilk Bar with Glaze

Old Fashioned with Maple Glaze

Old Fashioned with Vanilla Glaze and Sprinkles

Yeast Twist with Glaze

Cinnamon Roll with Glaze

Blueberry Cake with Blueberry Glaze

Apple Fritter

Informed by several fans that a visit in late 2017 was apparently poorly representative of Dee’s Donuts, statements about cloying Pie Filling and particularly unimpressive Chocolate Frosting apparently the most egregious claims, it was again on Friday that an opportunity presented to taste Dee’s product, several different selections and some from prior largely confirming a trend, particularly as relates to the low-quality Cocoa tasted atop not one but three different bases.

Once again complimentary of ownership, the man behind the counter of Dee’s lone remaining store in Centennial hard-working and genuinely pleasant, it was while still testing Chocolate that bites of the shop’s well-regarded Cruller were taken and in an almost humorous situation it suddenly seemed like someone was playing a joke, the same acrid Frosting somehow benefitting a ring that lacked the expected Custard-soft center and instead tasted largely like old Oil.

Making certain that this wasn’t a poor representation of Dee’s Cruller with a simple glazed version, the same overcooked center and greasy aftertaste confirmed, it was onward to a tried-and true Buttermilk Bar that the tasting moved on, this version actually even better than a Maple frosted version from prior and a strong contender for Las Vegas’ best while the duo of Old Fashioned Donuts also suggest that Dee’s frying temperature and duration are better suited to Cake Donuts than those that are raised.

Queuing up a few more favorites to finish, the Glazed Twist visibly oily on cross-section and not far off from the Crullers in terms of taste, it was actually a bit surprising that the Cinnamon Roll somehow managed to be light and fluffy despite its spiral, thoughts that it may be baked instead of fried crossing the mind before finishing up with a Fritter that was more greasy than last visit while the Blueberry Cake Donut is still completely artificial in terms of its ‘Fruit’ flavor, but at the same time pretty great.

TWO AND A HALF STARS: Once again fairing somewhere between “Fair” and “Good,” a few great and awful items tilting the balance each way, it is fair to say Dee’s is a decent choice for those in the area and Donut lovers looking for a good Buttermilk Bar or Old Fashioned, but otherwise there are far better locally owned Donut shops in almost every part of town

RECOMMENDED: Buttermilk Bar, Blueberry Cake Donut, Old Fashioned.

AVOID: Any Chocolate Frosted Donut, Crullers, Yeast Twist.

TIP: Open 5a-7p weekdays and until 3pm on Weekends.

WHAT THE STARS MEAN: 5 World Class, 4 Excellent, 3 Good, 2 Fair, 1 Poor.

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