Pink Box Doughnuts [3,] Henderson NV

Pink Box Doughnuts

Maple Buttermilk Bar

Glazed Old Fashioned

Lemon Coconut CroDough

American Pie Doughnut

Birthday Cake Doughnut

While there can be no argument that Pink Box Doughnuts’ late-2012 opening forever changed the local scene it was in the waning days of 2017 that one realized just how ‘serious’ things have gotten, a Social Media comment about one newly-celebrity-owned competitor rousing threats of a lawsuit based on an opinion that Pink Box still produces the best gourmet fried Dough in town.

Originally opened on West Lake Mead Boulevard and since expanding carefully to Henderson as well as the Strip, a brief stint at local Gas Stations abandoned due to ownership’s desire to provide a fresher product than those sites were able to offer, it was somewhere around 4:00pm on Saturday that a stop was made at the Pink Box location on Eastern Avenue, the spot’s 24-hour schedule once again yielding several freshly made selections served by one young lady while her counterpart was busy frosting some Pink Velvet rounds in back.

Offering tried-and-true classics in addition to the gourmet collection, a focus on incremental improvement over the past five years seeing the release of two highly-successful Emoji Doughnuts in the past 365-days plus the recent addition of something called “American Pie” to a huge lineup, it was with pop-radio tunes playing overhead that options were perused and debated, the eventual selection of a half-dozen proving ever difficult but thankfully yielding two new choices that rank amongst the Doughnuttery’s best recipes yet.

Taking the six-pack elsewhere for indulgence, the upcoming AFC Playoff game soon to get out of hand and more than one cup of Coffee necessary to maintain wakefulness after a hearty lunch, it was into an Old Fashioned still warm-to-touch that teeth sank, the glaze just set and soaked in by about 1/2 centimeter just as it should be while the classic Buttermilk Bar maintained a similar standard beneath Maple Frosting that is slightly less sweet than other places in town.

Moving next to a new type of CroDough, recent tweaks to the recipe yielding a level of lamination now on par with ACE Donuts for The Valley’s best beneath a drizzle of Lemon plus Coconut Flakes, it was with lofty expectations that the American Pie Doughnut was tasted, freshly stewed Apples a big improvement on HFCS Compote while the center features Streusel best described as ‘Crust Butter,” the Birthday Cake to follow admittedly nowhere near as mild but instead just as it should be with fluffy filling, edible Confetti and Golden Oreo segments.

FIVE STARS: Self-focused rather than another me-too, a policy of requesting customer input rather than attempting to mute it yielding better results day-by-day, those looking for a great Doughnut on-Strip, East or West simply need to point their GPS towards Pink Box any time of day or night.

RECOMMENDED: American Pie, CroDough, Buttermilk Bar, Old Fashioned.


TIP: Online ordering available by phone or Yelp! with delivery options available.

WHAT THE STARS MEAN: 5 World Class, 4 Excellent, 3 Good, 2 Fair, 1 Poor.

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