Brooklyn Doughnutry, Brooklyn NY

Brooklyn Doughnutry

Strawberry Doughnut with Sprinkles

Maple Glazed Doughnut

Cinnamon Roll

Chocolate Babka

Owned and operated by a man named Ilya it was on the recommendation of a friend that the GPS was pointed towards Brooklyn Doughnutry immediately upon landing at JFK, a special request 24-hours prior assuring that one of the eatery’s Chocolate Babka would be available by 7:30am and the surprising lack of traffic plus a quick walk in the cold finding the small shop still in the process of getting ready at 7:15.

Open for just seven months at 50 Malcolm X Boulevard, a mere block from the Kosciuszko Street M-J-Z line making the storefront easily accessible to both Manhattanites and Brooklyn residents, guests approaching Brooklyn Doughnutry will likely feel a bit uneasy with the rugged appearance of the neighborhood and shop itself, though based on a visit this past Thursday there is a lot more than first impressions might indicate to what is happening inside.

Listing hours from 7a-7p Monday through Friday and 8a-5p on Weekends, a postage stamp floorplan preventing inside seating and racks completely barren on arrival despite doors being unlocked, it was shortly after entering that a young woman greeted visitors at the door with pleasantries and an offer of hot Coffee, the owner in back finishing-up the Babka and inquisitive as to how someone from 2,500 miles away had heard of Brooklyn Doughnutry as he frosted a pair of warm rings behind a sheet of Plexiglas.

Admittedly running a bit behind on this particular morning, many of the day’s Frostings not yet made and filled Donuts “still a few hours” from being ready, it was after brief discussion that the decision was made to select just four items, the bargain-basement price of just $11.50 for what must have been about 30oz of Pastry an undeniable bargain anywhere and the shop’s location in New York City making it all the more so.

Using a Brioche base for each of the store’s creations, Cake Doughnut fans therefore out of luck but perhaps in a position to be converted by Ilya’s oversized rounds with a golden exterior overlying wispy pockets with pronounced egginess beneath a hint of Yeast, it was en route to the train that both the Maple and Strawberry Rings were released from plastic clamshells – the former Brooklyn Doughnutry’s version of plain “glazed” but far better thanks to the Syrup while the Simpson’s-style pink one was not dissimilar to Dunkin in terms of pseudo-Strawberry taste.

Impressed to this point but anticipating the best to come, a fairly empty L-train allowing plenty of space to eat, it was with several riders starring that a sizable Cinnamon Roll was unbagged and eaten in strips from outside inward, the complete lack of Oil making one guess that glazed Roll had been baked rather than fried while the $4 Babka was undoubtedly the work of an oven with eight fluffy curls of Brioche overlying a treasure trove of Dark Chocolate on the inside.

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