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White Pie with Mashed Potatoes and Bacon

Tomato Pie with Mozzarella and Meatballs

Not about to get lost in the land of Frank Pepe’s, Modern Apizza and Sally’s, the promise of brick oven Pizza, freshly brewed Beer and Dancing luring in locals and Ivy League students for over a decade, it was en route from Manhattan to Mystic that a stop was made at BAR in New Haven, a nearly 45-minute wait for tables benefiting solo diners willing to dine at one of two actual Bars where the full menu is available.

Originally established as a Microbrewery but quickly developing a following for New Haven’s signature style of charred Pie, the Food options actually limited to just that and a lone Salad with plenty of customization available, it is shortly after seating that diners are greeted by one of several bustling staff members, Beer flowing from taps almost endlessly and Pies emerging from an enormous oven at a rate of one every couple minutes.

Open every night of the week – as well as for lunch Wednesday through Sunday – with three sizes of not-quite-round Pizza presented on baking trays, it was perhaps fifteen minutes after placing an order that two “smalls” arrived, the bartender’s flirting with an EMT in uniform unfortunately delaying water refills but the sixteen slices hot and fresh with 3-4 more than capable of sating the average diner.

Reportedly using a gas oven instead of the competition’s coal, an odd fact as the oven closely resembles Pepe’s and Modern with Pizzaiolos using lengthy wooden peels to insert and extract Pizzas, there is nonetheless no doubt that this is New Haven-style on first taste, the Crust extra thin and medium-crisp but still capable of being folded whether one selects simple Mozzarella and housemade Tomato Sauce or BAR’s signature white Pie with no Cheese but a carb-load buoyed by garlicky Mashed Potatoes and Bacon Crumbles.

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