ACE Donuts [6,] Las Vegas NV

Ace Donuts

Strawberry Old Fashioned Donut

Blueberry Fritter

Buttermilk Bar

Glazed Old Fashioned Donut

Blueberry Crumb Cake Donut

Maple Cruller

Sugared Raspberry Bullseye Donut

Fresh off five days in the Northeast that featured six Donut shops in three States it was on Superbowl Sunday that a visit was paid to ACE on the corner of Fort Apache and Tropicana, a $15 Bakers Dozen with six gifted to a friend once again showing no one does classics like these fine folks whether in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Connecticut, Rhode Island or New York.

Ever the pleasant place, their third anniversary just passed and rumor of fried Dough much better than Ronald’s, Dunkin or any nearby shop finally making its way around town by little more than word of mouth, it was with shelves surprisingly still fully stocked that the small shop in a strip-mall was found just past 9:30am, the tiny shop owner smiling as she made recommendations including never-before-seen Crullers.

Taking a pass on Cronuts this time around, a hankering for classics and personal favorites after several novelties in the past month yielding five familiar items including Las Vegas’ best Fritter and Buttermilk Bar plus the incomparable Blueberry Crumb Cake Donut, it was after getting Coffee nearby that these were consumed along with two Old-Fashioned rounds plus a glazed Raspberry Bullseye, the Cruller saved for last not quite as light and eggy as those tasted in New England but still very good beneath thick Maple Frosting.

FIVE STARS: In an era when hiring a ‘celebrity endorser’ or making Food photogenic as opposed to delicious is all the rage it seems the classic Donut shop is becoming rarer and rarer across the States and as much as I like what places like Pink Box, Sidecar, PVDonuts and others are doing there is simply not a place I’ve found thus far in the world who outperforms Ace Donuts for simple classics.

RECOMMENDED: Blueberry Crumb Cake, Blueberry Fritter, Buttermilk Bar.


TIP: Open at 5am daily at 9435 W Tropicana Avenue, call in advance for special orders at (702) 222-3370.

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