La Mora (Miraflores,) Lima PE

La Mora

Frozen Cappuccino

Corn Pie with 3 Cheeses

Empanada con Pollo

Keke de Zanahoria

Milhojas Con Manjar

Alfajor Mediano

Triangulo de Nuez


With three locations in Lima it was shortly after arrival by way of Panama that a stop was made at La Mora, the dramatic change in humidity and twelve hours transit time contributing to favorable conditions for a frozen Cappuccino consisting of little more than Ice, Espresso and Simple Syrup plus seven of the café’s baked goods, five sweet and two savory.

Undoubtedly a locals-only sort of place, the shop at Av. Grau 400 between Miraflores and San Isidro consisting of three rooms including the retail area, it was immediately upon seating that Water was presented along with menus, a truncated English version for one and the more expansive Spanish version for those to whom it was useful.

Mostly a grab-and-go operation, though apparently popular for a quick sit-down bite post-work for many, it was after some time waiting during shift change that a server approached to take an order, items subsequently brought out in two rounds and the Empanada immediately impressing with big chunks of Chicken in buttery Pastry while the Corn Pie was not as Quiche-like as it looked, but instead featuring sweet Kernels embedded in a melted matrix not dissimilar to Korean Corn Cheese.

Offering several Peruvian Pastries plus an array of French and German items, housemade Pretzels and Éclairs both tempting, it was instead with a sizeable Oreja sweetened by Honey that the tasting continued, its light layers an encouraging prelude to what would be found in the impressive Milhojas Con Manjar that cut perfectly with a knife or fork yielding smooth Caramel filling.

Moving next to the first of Peru’s many Alfajor Cookies, La Mora’s Alfajor Mediano lacking the traditional Coconut shavings but still quite good, it was after this that a Carrot Cake Muffin showed off with far more Pineapple than those found stateside while a dish labeled simply as “Triangulo de Nuez” was as delicious as it was novel with a texture almost like Marzipan but a far more natural and nutty flavor inside a Chocolate shell.

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