La Casa del Alfajor (San Isidro,) Lima PE

La Casa del Alfajor

Traditional Alfajor

Milhojas Con Caramel

Turrón de Doña Pepa

Bread Pudding

Making short work of a snack after touching down at Jorge Chávez International Airport it was en route to dinner that La Casa del Alfajor was noted, the Bakery chain with locations throughout Lima and surrounding provinces proving an enjoyable stop with pleasant service and plenty of options loaded with their famous Manjar Blanco, plus a few other surprises.

Originally opened in 1987 as a garage project and subsequently expanding by way of markets followed by franchising, a total of sixteen stores plus steady online sales spreading some of South America’s signature sweets far and wide, it was after perhaps five minutes of perusal that four items were selected, each plated individually and brought to a table with the modest tab to be settled later.

Located at Av Conquistadores 699 and apparently one of Lima’s first stand-alone locations, others positioned as kiosks inside of malls, it was with pictures snapped that first bites were taken of a wedge of crumbly Cake tinged in Anise and topped with colorful Candy balls, the Bread Pudding to follow textured exactly the opposite and moist like Flan but with a hefty note of sweet Citrus.

Saving signatures for last, both the Milhojas and Alfajor packed with Dulce de Leche, it was by way of a bit of Corn Starch that the late was crumbly yet smooth on the tongue with sweetness tempered by Coconut while the layered Cookies of the former remained crisp despite layers of Caramel, though the liberal application of Confectioner’s Sugar on top made La Casa del Alfajor’s version a bit sweeter than La Mora’s or others.

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