Panaderia Carmelitas, Lima PE

Panaderia Carmelitas

Beef and Egg Empanada

Almond Citrus Bread Pudding


Known by locals as Lima’s best spot for Pan Francés and Chicharron Sandwiches it was for Breakfast on Monday that a stop was made at Panaderia Carmelitas in Miraflores, an ordering area near the door, dearth of a menu and no English-speaking staff making the ordering process a bit laborious for visitors but a few minutes observation sorting things out to a total of five items including two duplicates.

Located near a large Hospital as well as Don Mamino Bakery, accolades dating back a decade still seeing a small queue plus several guests seated at tables as early as 7am, it was with less than 30 Sol paid that each dish was bagged or boxed separately, their subsequent consumption outside beginning with a piping hot Empanada stuffed with Eggs, Onions and nicely seasoned Beef that further benefitted from a shake of Confectioner’s Sugar atop the buttery Pastry.

Bound for Cusco at 11am, the other items enjoyed en route to the airport, it was largely a matter of Panaderia Carmelitas’ limited selection that saw two caramelized Orejas ordered in addition to the Empanadas and a square of Bread Pudding, the latter heavily saturated by Citrus and visible curls of Orange Zest with a faintly nutty finish.

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