Cicciolina, Cusco PE


Butter Croissant

Housemade Bread Basket with Chilli Jam, Cream Cheese, Tomato Chutney, Guacamole

Fat Buttery Wheat Pancake with Chancaca Syrup, Fruit, Vanilla Ice Cream

By night Cicciolina is considered one of Cusco’s finest Restaurants, the expansive second story space with an open kitchen decorated not unlike Chicha in dried Vegetables, but during the morning a more casual affair takes place featuring fresh baked Pastries plus a small collection of plates ranging from sweet to savory.

Now open for the better part of two decades and best known for Tapas and Pasta, the later all produced on-site in the ground level bakeshop, guests arriving prior to 10am will find themselves greeted by a pleasant hostess and team of servers as back of house members go about their business preparing for the day to come, high-tops overlooking the street below expectedly popular while the meal’s pace is slow and relaxing.

Playing Jazz overhead with fresh air flowing through windows, squeezed-to-order Juices, Tea or locally roasted Coffee all available to stay or go, it was after perusing the options that Breakfast was crafted from an array of housemade Breads plus the $5.90USD Pancake, everything served warm at once with at least two Rolls fresh from the oven and the whole-Wheat Batter for a Pancake scratch-made when ordered.

Not a low-effort affair, Croissants visibly proofing with two bakers hand mixing and rolling Dough in the take-out area downstairs, it was with a gentle pull that the Viennoiserie broke to yield a soft interior beneath its flaky shell, the Seed and Cereal Rolls to follow both soft and nutty while a light green Baguette and Brioche packed with Olives were both delicious on their own and even better with housemade condiments including Tomato Chutney and Jam made of roasted Chiles.

Impressed by the time and care taken by kitchen staff, though those in a hurry would likely appreciate a bit more mis en place, it was as a ball of Ice Cream began to melt that first bites were taken of a fluffy disc that lived up to its name of “Fat” and “Buttery,” the topping of stewed Lucuma, Orange and Guava all contributing their juices to Cane Sugar Syrup that is added liberally but still not overly sweet.

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