Pink Box Doughnuts [4,] Las Vegas NV

Pink Box Doughnuts

Buttermilk Bar

Thin Mint Doughnut

Vanilla Frosted Cake Easter Doughnut with Coconut

Vanilla Frosted Cake Easter Doughnut with Coconut

Blueberry Cro-Dough

S’mores Doughnut

Blueberry Cake Doughnut

Vanilla Frosted Yeasted Easter Doughnut

Chocolate Frosted Yeasted Easter Doughnut

Caramel Cheesecake Doughnut

Surviving five years of business in Las Vegas is no small feat, particularly as an innovator, so when news of a health department warning went public for Pink Box Doughnuts on Lake Mead Boulevard a bit of investigation was necessary, the most glaring errors being those involving one vendor while shortcuts related to the small space and high volume have quickly been remedied even though they appear to have been a onetime mistake according to ownership.

Generally distrustful of the whole “demerits” process, any number of Casino Chefs admitting that ‘surprise’ visits by Inspectors quickly launch a chain of phone calls across the property and several temporary “fixes” in day-to-day activity, it was on the day before Easter that a visit to the 24/7 space found Pink Box slammed with pre-orders in addition to walk-in traffic, the collection recently branched out to include Girl Scout flavors also offering several Holiday versions of their classics.

Operating with extra care on this particular day, plastic gloves and tongs used in the handling of all finished product and racks all covered or stored away, it was with a focus on novelties plus personal favorites that an order was constructed, not one thing visibly out of place and the staff both friendly and efficient.

Taking two boxes elsewhere for indulgence, the need for a commissary kitchen or off-site Bakeshop likely an upcoming reality for Roberto and his team as business continues to boom, suffice it to say that Pink Box’s product remains as good as ever with Old School items such as Vanilla Cake, Buttermilk Bars and Blueberry Rings still a bargain at just $1 while the Cronut, Cro-Dough or whatever one wants to call it has continued to improve over time and now rivals ACE for Sin City’s best version.

Fine for a classic but best-known for filled choices, the Caramel Cheesecake still as light as ever despite being piped edge-to-edge, Pink Box’s S’mores remains a good choice thanks to better-than-average Chocolate Frosting plus airy Marshmallow Cream while the Thin Mint is an acquired taste well-suited for those who enjoy the Cookie, though the more apt comparison seemed to be an Andes Mint given the smooth and buttery finish.

FIVE STARS: Still the best gourmet Doughnut Shop in town, dollar-for-dollar and bite-for-bite, regardless of pitch man, television appearances, or product giveaways.

RECOMMENDED: Buttermilk Bar, Co-Dough, Blueberry Cake, Caramel Cheesecake.


TIP: While there is no excuse for ‘unsanitary’ conditions there is a big difference between possessing expired product and using it and anyone who thinks that their favorite establishment is cooking without occasionally setting something where it does not belong has never been inside a professional kitchen – here’s both hoping and assuming such issues will not happen again and that this will serve as a learning experience just as it did at Michelin 3* Per Se in Manhattan.

WHAT THE STARS MEAN: 5 World Class, 4 Excellent, 3 Good, 2 Fair, 1 Poor.

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