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Don Tito

Papas Fritas

Tequenos Don Tito with Chicken and Guacamole

Pollo a la Brasa

Established in 1984 and considered by most to be Lima’s premier destination for roasted Chicken it was not until urged by a Cab Driver that the decision was made to travel all the way up to Don Tito at Av. Aviación 3096, the process of getting there and back without roaming to summon an Uber a hassle but the reward truly world-class Bird plus the best fried Potatoes tasted anywhere to date, including those in Belgium.

Now with three locations but told that only the original was worthwhile, a statement echoed by several locals including businessmen willing to wait in the sun for a seat at lunch, it was moments after the Restaurant’s noon opening that two chairs were filled next to a window with fans circulating air overhead, a waiter likely in his early 40s dropping off menus and quickly returning with Beverages.

Not a particularly complicated space, some religious ornaments on display alongside artistic depictions of Chickens surrounding the central rotisserie, ordering at Don Tito is an equally uncomplicated process largely dictated by party size, a variety of combos including Chicha Morada and Salad offering a good deal but a la carte options also available.

Reportedly selling nearly a thousand Chickens on their busiest days, several already sporting a bit of char and ready to go at noon, it was with every seat taken by 12:15 that lunch began in earnest, a plate of Tequenos recommended by the server offering four Wonton-like wrappers filled with pulled Chicken plus a dollop of roughly smashed Avocado, Tomato and Pepper.

Moving next to the star of the show, though skinless wedges of Potato fried crisp and oilless with a creamy center undoubtedly compete for top billing, suffice it to say that save for a lack of breading there is little separating Don Tito’s Pollo a la Brasa from fried Chicken in terms of texture, the skin actually crackling in several areas despite juicy Flesh beneath and every square inch deeply penetrated with a robust Spice blend.

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