Cinnaholic, Las Vegas NV


Nutty Professor – Butterscotch Frosting, Walnuts, Pecans

Crunchy PB & J – Peanut Butter Frosting, Crunchy Pecans, Strawberry Jam

Chocolate Chip Cookie

Fudge Brownie

It was almost immediately upon Cinnaholic’s announcement of impending Las Vegas arrival that an e-mail was sent to corporate, a refusal to answer inquiries about Ingredients save for “proprietary” since expanded to a lengthy list on the website confirming suspicions that little is “natural” about the their Vegan Cinnamon Rolls but recent comments from a local Chef enough to justify a visit…if only to see for oneself if it was really as bad as suggested.

Now open for a year in The Mall at Grand Canyon with additional outposts in Henderson and Centennial, a win on the television program “Shark Tank” apparently enough to take an idea for DIY-Cinnamon Rolls mainstream, it was just past two o’clock that the small store was found to be empty, a smell of Cinnamon in the air and two young women quickly offering greetings with smiles on their faces.

In reality a simple concept not dissimilar to Fro-yo or Shaved Ice, fresh Baked Cinnabuns ready to be crowned with Frosting plus a vast array of toppings, guests at Cinnaholic are welcome to choose from over forty suggested varieties or build their own piece-by-piece, the former seemingly best to see how their ideas fare and one Bun selected to personal preference while the other was deferred to the servers.

Not a spot where one should expect to wait long, the “Straight from the Oven” slogan on a back wall sort of misleading as previously baked Rolls behind the counter are visibly extracted from a warmer, it was with The Rugrats playing on a television that two non-Cinnamon Roll options were tasted while waiting just five minutes, the Chocolate Chip Cookie lacking any crispiness much like Chewy Chips Ahoy while Cinnaholic’s Brownie fares far better, the dense fudgey square one of Sin City’s best and a deal at just $2.50.

Setting aside more than half of the Cookie and Brownie as Cinnamon Rolls were passed across the counter, one for now and another for later, it was with mild amusement that claims from others about the Dough appearing ‘raw’ were confirmed upon cutting into the “Nutty Professor,” a topping of what tasted more like Salty Caramel than “Butterscotch” pleasantly mellowed by toasted Nuts but the texture and color beneath not dissimilar from Wonderbread and thus off-putting, an identical situation found in the “Crunchy PB & J” which, although edible, does not justify the price compared to Cinnabon let alone better Cinnamon Rolls found elsewhere.

TWO STARS: Generally put off by eateries that hide behind claims of “Vegan” as though it means healthy, the fact that *most* should realize a Cinnamon Roll is never anything but an indulgence, it is more Cinnaholic’s base that makes their product unappealing and in a city with the likes of CRAFTkitchen, Mothership, Joe Maxx and others making great Vegan Baked Goods there is really no reason to go here save for perhaps a Brownie or desire to watch Rugrats.


AVOID: Cinnamon Rolls.

TIP: 9a-10p daily…and take a look at the photos on their Facebook Page compared to the pale white ones pictured here or across Social Media by customers.

WHAT THE STARS MEAN: 5 World Class, 4 Excellent, 3 Good, 2 Fair, 1 Poor.

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