El Pan de la Chola (San Isidro,) Lima PE

El Pan de la Chola

Housemade Cinnamon Cereal Toast with Butter

Housemade Seed Bread Avocado Toast with Red Onion and Sesame

Ham and Cheese Croissant

Pain au Chocolat

Sugar Brioche

Carrot Cake

It was almost precisely a week after sitting down to Breakfast at El Pan de la Chola in Miraflores that two Americans entered Jonathan Day’s second location at Miguel Dasso 113 in San Isidro, the Restaurant built next to a bookstore far larger and less crowded than the original but offering equally great products including several not seen prior.

High ceilinged and decorated with wood, granite and art suspended by strings, the latter giving the space levity not seen inside the bustling Bakery, El Pan de la Chola San Isidro appears to act as a retail outpost and roastery while baking occurs across town, the self-taught works of passion resting behind glass with a menu of additional choices along a wall in back.

Intentionally selecting an entirely different collection of goods save for Avocado Toast that comes pre-assembled here rather than DIY, the toasted Seed Bread as well as a slice of Pain Au Cereal heavily laden with Cinnamon and Butter continuing to speak highly of Day’s skills developed while attending school in England, those seeking something a little more “meaty” would be well served to consider a Ham and Cheese Croissant that comes out crisp and layered despite its molten center while a list Panini-style Sandwiches also offer temptation.

Moving on to sweeter things, a collection of Quick Breads and Viennoiserie forming the bulk of what is available, suffice it to say that golden Brioche topped in Granulated Sugar should definitely be considered if any are left on arrival, the reportedly fast-seller a “best of the best” item when compared to a flaky Croissant piped with Dark Chocolate and Carrot Cake that is moist, dense and packed with Walnuts as well as Raisins.


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