Rosallie [15,] Las Vegas NV

Rosallie Le French Café

Est Sandwich with Prosciutto, Brie, Tomato, Lettuce, Pesto

Almond Croissant

Nutella Almond Croissant

Raspberry Almond Croissant

Chocolate Hazelnut Éclair

Cinnamon Roll with Cream Cheese Frosting

Chocolate-dipped Madeline

Chocolate Cake

Lemon Raspberry Tart

Chocolate Brownie

Mocha Opera Cake

Chocolate Mousse Cake

Almond Meringue

Chocolate-dipped Coconut Macaroon

Walnut Pie

Raspberry Chocolate Ganache Tart

Nutella Almond Pie

With Jonathan Pluvinet still occupied expanding his brand in Winter Garden it is under the direction of former Aria and Jean-Philippe Baker Christophe that Rosallie has continued to improve in 2018, several additions to the décor and a whole bunch of new Pastries showing that the man responsible for Jean Georges Steakhouse’s outstanding Brioche shares both the skills and sensibilities of his fellow countryman.

Quickly approaching anniversary number three and still doing good business despite finally-resolved construction and a location almost entirely devoid of foot traffic, the former 7-Eleven even more attractive than ever with hand-painted signage plus natural elements atop dividers, it was just moments before the Café’s 7am opening that Christophe and staff were found putting the finishing touches on Tuesday’s lineup, two pre-ordered boxes already packed and ready to go with a Sandwich quickly assembled and the whole interaction completed in less than five minutes en route to work.

A heavier load than one might expect, the amount of Butter folded into Rosallie’s Viennoiseries and Tart Shells never in question but magnified by several items made of Chocolate, it was immediately upon arrival to an office only eight minutes away that the degustation began with an upgraded Est tucked into a Whole Wheat Roll; the Brie, Vegetables and housemade Pesto only improved by good quality Prosciutto given a minute in the oven to both toast the bread and melt the creamy Cheese.

Not a job for late-risers, the baking beginning several hours before sunrise and yielding some three-dozen items daily, it was seeking out those still-warm that quickly identified both an Almond and Nutella Croissant, the former still a personal pick for the best found stateside thanks to its hand-ground filling, flaky exterior and overall structure while the later would probably make a Parisian cringe, though after a bite it is likely they too would deem it delicious.

Enjoying the goods over nearly eight hours, fresh Raspberries and housemade Jam highlighting several, it was also prior to fully cooling that Christophe’s new Raspberry Almond Croissant added a whole new dimension to Jonathan’s base without compromising the texture one bit, the sweetness remaining natural while a follow-up $3.90 Cinnamon Roll immediately created mental conflict as to whether this or CRAFTkitchen was better thanks both its wispy interior and largely-unsweetened Cream Cheese Frosting that allowed tanginess a welcome opportunity to shine.

Bringing back half-dipped Madelines and adding a Macaroon, the Dark Chocolate’s quality immediately evident and personally felt to be better around densely packed Coconut, it seems as though Rosallie’s Choux has received an upgrade recently as an Éclair marrying Nutella’s ingredients broke cleanly despite being entirely covered in Chocolate, the dish best suited for a fork and knife as too is the triple- Chocolate Brownie thanks to mirrored Ganache and a dense, fudgy base.

Finding good use for leftover Egg Whites in soft-centered Meringue, a perfume of Almonds released by each bite as crumbles fall to the floor, those seeking additional ‘lighter’ options would do well to order one of Rosallie’s Lemon Raspberry Tarts or a slice of Apple Pie, though if actual ‘weight’ is more a concern one would be hard pressed to find Cake with less heft than the layers Jon and Christophe have stacked below and above airy Chocolate Mousse.

Nearly as fond of the Walnut Pie as Le French Café’s Almond Croissant for similar reasons of authenticity, the Nutella Almond Pie likewise mirroring thoughts regarding their Croissant layered in America’s favorite Italian Spread, it was saving the three heaviest items for last that the tasting came to a conclusion, both the thick Chocolate Mousse Cake and buttery Tart filled with Ganache seeing their richness mellowed by Fruit while the layered Opera tasted a lot like Tiramisu, but with a lot more variance in texture.

FIVE STARS: In many ways the unlikely inspiration for at least three additional French Bakeries sprouted since, the irony of Jean-Philippe’s closure not wasted on those paying attention as only Thomas Keller’s Bouchon remains as any sort of competition on-Strip, Rosallie continues to shine even as Jonathan looks towards further expansion and with Christophe’s passion and pedigree it seems like even more great things are likely soon to come.

RECOMMENDED: Almond Croissant, Walnut Pie, Cinnamon Roll, Nutella Croissant, Raspberry Almond Croissant, Mocha Opera Cake, Chocolate Hazelnut Éclair, Chocolate Cake, Est Sandwich.


TIP: 7a-6p daily. Call ahead for pre-orders and consider Yelp! online delivery if you can’t make it to the store.

WHAT THE STARS MEAN: 5 World Class, 4 Excellent, 3 Good, 2 Fair, 1 Poor.

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