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To say that South Rainbow Boulevard has bloomed around Peridot Sweets would be an understatement, the last five and a half years yielding several chains as well as local favorites Rosallie and Gelatology, but following a recent move to confines with a bigger kitchen Tiffany Jones and her team look to continue just as they have while also growing the brand in a retail center that sees increasing foot traffic on a daily basis.

Now a part of the community since Summer 2012 and best known for elegant celebration Cakes based on Chef Jones’ scratch-made recipes, her skills also on display in Pastries previously available at Hearthstone as well as Portofino, it was a few days after re-opening only steps from the former storefront that Jones was found on-site with her team, the trials and costs involved in the move largely in the rearview mirror and the new space just as cute as ever.

Neither pretending nor intending to be a full-service Café, Jones’ current pursuit of State Senate District 9 and family responsibilities undoubtedly creating a busy schedule as Wedding Season looms near, guests visiting the new shop will quickly notice a cooler-case packed with Cupcakes and Cannoli beneath a row of Cookies and Muffins while the group of Bakers works diligently in plain view to the left of entry.

Still building back up to their previous line-up, a total of perhaps two-dozen items currently offered on-site comprised at least 50% of Cupcakes, it was with $20 including tip exchanged that eight items were carefully boxed and bagged to enjoy back at the office, the 8a-6p opening hours from Monday through Saturday definitely appealing for those nearby with a sweet tooth or in need of workday catering.

Presenting everything at prices and portions manageable for most, the Cupcakes $3.50 each or $12 for four while ‘mini-Cookies’ seem a bit steep at $1.50 for what amounts to a mouthful, it was beginning with a jammy-Thumbprint that one found a good amount of Butter and largely natural sweetness, the follow-up of Oatmeal Cranberry chewy and dense while Peanut Butter with visible grains of Salt and Chocolate Chip laced with Cinnamon both offered a crisp rim and soft-center despite their small surface area.

Moving next to a Muffin, Banana Nut seemingly the best choice out of three including Blueberry and Gluten Free Chocolate Chip, those who love the Fruit should immediately prioritize a trip to Peridot Sweets to try either this or Tiffany’s famous Banana Caramel Cupcake, the former a bit more fluffy under its crystallized Sugar cap while the latter may just be Sin City’s best Cupcake, bar-none, at least until Chef Jones begins offering her Rum Syrup-soaked Banana Brigade Cake in an individual size.

Rounding out the order with two additional Cupcake flavors, the second Banana-Caramel selection impressing its recipient who claims to ‘not like’ sweets, suffice it to say that German Chocolate Cake would have benefitted from more Pecan-Coconut Frosting and less Whipped Cream while the Strawberry Jam version was messy but worth it thanks to the combination of concentrated Fruit and another chance to enjoy Peridot’s world-class Cream Cheese Frosting.

FOUR STARS: As yet short on selections following the move there is no doubt Peridot Sweets remains Las Vegas best Cupcake purveyor even as the boom has come to a close, and with new hours plus a bigger kitchen one hopes Tiffany and her team will be even more successful than prior going forward.

RECOMMENDED: Banana Caramel Cupcake, Banana Nut Muffin, Strawberry Cupcake, Peanut Butter Cookie.

AVOID: German Chocolate would be better off without the white Cream and $1.50 per mini-Cookie will likely dissuade many based on size, regardless of ingredient quality.

TIP: 8a-6p Monday through Saturday at 6365 S Rainbow Blvd Suite Ste 101. @peridotsweets on Social to see some of the elegant Cake creations.

WHAT THE STARS MEAN: 5 World Class, 4 Excellent, 3 Good, 2 Fair, 1 Poor

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